Welcome To My Site

Hello! Welcome to my website!

I am a [XX] (age redacted) years old lady. In my free time, I like to bake, daydream and read about things I am interested in at that point in time. The main purpose of this website is for me to keep a record of important things which I would love to remember so that when I forgot about them in time to come or when I am unhappy, I can still read back and reminisce.

只要雨过天晴, 太阳出来之候, 就会出现彩虹!
同样的, 只要熬过难关, 就一定会有快乐的人生!

With this in mind, Rainbows In My Life is born, with “rainbows” signifying all the happy things in my life. Just as there will definitely be unfortunate events in one’s life, there will also be rainy and stormy days. However, once the rain stops and the sun shines again, rainbows will appear. Likewise, if we endure and overcome all the difficulties, our lives will also become better. Keep your focus on your rainbows and fight on! 화이팅!

Lastly, I hope you would enjoy this site as much as I do! 🙂