Criteria for an Oven

Delonghi Oven

Penning down my criteria for an oven for my own records as well as for sharing. These can be some factors to consider when buying your own oven. Price As I do not bake often now, I do not want to waste my money and spend a lot on a high-end oven. Hence, my budget …

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Raising Baby C

Have not been updating the website after giving birth because the tiredness is SO real! Many people have warned me about the tiredness after a baby is born but I was still unprepared for the scale of “shag-ness” until I experienced it myself. Omg. Before giving birth, I was physically tired from carrying Baby C …

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Shopping for Mummy!

Mummy Autumnz

These days, with a combination of maternity leave and the circuit breaker (CB) measures, Sunshine, myself and Baby C can only stay home most of the time. However, with a new baby, there seemed to be endless things to buy, from essential items such as diapers and wet wipes to other less important items such …

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