Day Spent with my Siblings

I have three siblings: an elder brother, a younger sister and a younger brother. When we were younger, like other siblings, we used to play with one another. Nowadays, with both my elder brother and I working and my younger siblings in school and the fact that we all just minded our own businesses when we are all at home, we rarely played together. However, today is a different day. Coincidentally, my elder brother took a one day leave, I was not working and both my siblings were at home today as well. When my elder brother’s girlfriend came to visit, we tried to entertain her by playing games together with her. We had fun playing Monopoly Deal and later, Uno Stacko. All of us have always been quite competitive during games and we would always come up with various “punishments” for the loser(s). The punishment today was 20 sit-ups for girls and 25 sit-ups for guys or push-ups. I liked that I am forced to do some “exercise” when I lost. Haha.

It had been a long time since I┬álasted played together with all my siblings and I really enjoyed the times spent with them. Hopefully, they would treasure this too and we would have more fun times together… ­čÖé

Monopoly deal

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