Our Ring is Ready!!! Yay! (like finally!!! =.=)

In February this year, Sunshine brought me to JannPaul (JP) to buy a engagement/proposal ring for me. The date of collection for the ring was supposed to be a secret between JP and himself because I might expect a proposal around that time if I knew it. However, I accidentally saw it and thus, I knew that the ring would only be ready for collection in April (almost a two months’ wait)! I was very surprised when I learnt of this as we did not customise the ring at all! I cannot imagine how long the wait would be if we were to customise anything. Haha. Anxious me. XD

Anyway, Sunshine was then supposed to collect the ring on a random day after it was ready without my knowledge. However, they gave him a small gift (it was very kind and generous of them) during collection and knowing that I appreciate these kind of things more than himself, he gave the gift to me. The nerdy, “tut tut” part of him first said that he bought the gift for me just to make me happy. This was such a lousy explanation because firstly, he does not just randomly buys things for me (he is just not that romantic). Secondly, I do not think he knows where he can buy that anywhere near his workplace and thirdly, he does not know the price of the gift etc! There were just so many loopholes in his story! In the end, he gave up and tried to casually brush the gift as something he received randomly from his colleague =.= but obviously, this story is so weak and not well-thought out too because he could not answer simple questions about it as well. He eventually gave up and warned that I would regret it if I kept pestering him about it. After reassuring him that I would not regret knowing where the gift came from, he blurted out that he had already collected the ring once he was told it was ready for collection, two days before the original estimated date. Omg! =.= I think he purposely wanted me to know!!! If not, he could have thought of a better story as to how he got the gift and not make me suspicious with all his hem and haw about how he got it. Irritating.

After he let the cat out of the bag, he seemed very relieved (?), bubbly and happy. He then kept taunting me with it by saying how pretty the ring is, how happy he was when he saw it, how he already took out many times to marvel at its beauty etc. Idiot sia. *exasperated laugh* He said if I could not wait for his proposal, I am welcomed to take the ring by myself from his place. Lol! No way man! Cheeky boy! I will not let him get away so easily! *evil laughter!* Haha. He is also giving me a hard time by adamantly refusing to share with me the pretty, professional ring photos JP took (not even a sneak peak!). He would also reply things like “Not telling you. You can decide it for yourself when you see the ring” whenever I try to probe about it.

Oh well, I do hope he proposes soon! XD *shy* Hahahahaha!


Update on 20/6/16:

Here are the items that you get when you collect your ring from JP:

  • Your beautifully crafted diamond ring in its box
  • A JP box to contain the ring box
  • The diamond certification
  • Another certification (for Solasfera cut diamonds)
  • A Hearts and Arrows scope (unique to JP only if I am not wrong. For admiring the arrows in your diamond)
Items collected!
Items collected!

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