“Rant” about Night Shifts

I feel so tired these past few weeks that I have no time to update anything on this website. This is because I have been working night shifts for three weeks straight! (It does not mean that I worked night shift daily for three weeks but that I have nights scheduled every week for three weeks straight). Additionally, I will be working night shifts again after a week of “no nights”. Omg! I hate night shifts!


When I first started working, I was ambivalent about working night shifts. However, as time goes by, I began to dread night shifts more and more. As I cannot fall asleep during the day to prepare myself, I am always drained at the end of my nights. My eye bags just get bigger and darker with each passing night shift. Then, my rest days after the night shifts are always spent on repaying my sleep debts that I got totally no energy to do other things.

Today is my first rest day in three weeks which is not after any night shift. I am so relieved (???) that I can finally use my off days to do things I like! =D

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