Sci-Sational Christmas Show at Science Centre Singapore

It was Sunshine’s birthday yesterday and we both took leave to spend time together. As nerdy Sunshine wanted to buy a pair of solar eclipse glasses for the viewing of a rare solar eclipse happening in Singapore on Dec 26 2019, we went to Science Centre Singapore specially to buy the glasses. *face palm*

Solar eclipse glasses
Solar Eclipse Glasses

When we reached, we chanced upon an ongoing Christmas-theme exhibition, the Sci-sational Christmas show. As the ticket pricing was still reasonable ($15 for adults) with all the listed activities and that we had came all the way to the West, we thought to go for this exhibition, which included admission fees to the Science Centre as well ($6 for Singaporean adults). However, when we wanted to buy the tickets online via Sistic, we were disappointed to learn that it was all sold out for the day. Thus, we were very pleasantly surprised when a salesperson told us that there were still tickets available for the Sci-sational Christmas show over the counter! We promptly proceeded to buy two tickets using Amex and as there was an ongoing promotion of $5 rebate for a minimum of $30 spent in a single receipt using Amex, we effectively paid $25 for 2 tickets. What a good day it was!

Sci sational Christmas
Poster for Sci-Sational Christmas
Our Tickets!

As there was still some time before the time for our Christmas show, we explored Science Centre. Looking at the various exhibits made me excited about bringing Baby C for her to explore science at Science Centre when she is older. *beam* We also managed to catch their daily special, Fire Tornado Show which was quite cool!

Fire Tornado!

At 3.25pm, we gave each given a Santa’s hat before entering the venue for the Christmas show helmed by Santa’s many elves. There was first a simple but interesting demonstration of the energy produced by the combustion of hydrogen gas as well as by liquid nitrogen. Next, which was the highlight of the show for me, was the making of a scented candle in the shape of a Christmas tree! The instructions given by the elves were simple and easy to follow and were definitely suitable for kids too! We then had a simple “escape room” where the kids helped all of us to escape from Santa’s office. There were many Christmas-themed decorations for photo opportunities as well. Besides the Santa hat and the scented candle we made, all participants were also given a goodie bag consisting of chocolates and candy canes at the end of the show. Overall, Sunshine and I enjoyed the experience and from the many happy, excited squeals from the kids, we thought they enjoyed it very much too!

Snowflake prop

The Sci-Sational Christmas show ends on Dec 25 2019. If you are looking for something to do this weekend, you can consider visiting the Science Centre for a fun-filled day! 😀

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