The Hunt for An Engagement Ring

How it all started: Sunshine reads forums. One fine day in 2014, he was just reading it as usual when I asked him when he was reading and he showed me: “Proposal Rings”. I was stunned and I of course teased him about it. However, like all the other seeds (of ideas) he planted in me, he then left it there for it to grow and my interest in Proposal/Engagement Rings piqued. I went to the same forum and spent weeks, months and now, years (!) reading it and searching for more information about engagement rings online.

Most of the people in the forum recommended a private jeweller, JannPaul, for their engagement rings. After reading pages and pages about it, I am extremely curious and interested in their diamond education session, their supposed superb service and of course, their pretty engagement rings! I cannot wait for the day when Sunshine and I finally make an appointment with them! (We want to wait till we secure our flat first). Due to the numerous wonderful feedback about them, I do not see myself going down to any other jewellery shops for my rings anymore. I am sure my lazy Sunshine would be very happy with this piece of news too. Haha.

Jann Paul
A lucky girl’s pretty Engagement Ring from JannPaul!

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