Appointment with JannPaul

Long, long time ago, Sunshine said he wants to marry me. Heck, he already said it in the first year we were together (at age 18!). All along, I brushed him off until in recent years when we started to apply for a flat together. With our latest flat application almost considered successful (where the supply of flats exceeds the demand for it), I have been the one pressurising him to propose. XD This is because 1) marriage takes time to plan, 2) banquet dinners are booked almost a year in advance and 3) most importantly, the last of the flats to be completed for the one we applied would be in 2017. We want to plan our marriage around the time we get our flat.

One fine day, Sunshine finally registered my words and planned to get a proposal ring for me. However, as it was his plan only and I was kept in the dark, I was still nagging at him to get the ring and propose quickly. Haha. Today was just like any other normal day when I nagged at him again and he finally buay tahan (aka cannot stand) my nagging. He pulled me close and whispered that he already made an appointment with a private jeweller, JannPaul, to get a ring for me! *sweetness overload!* OMG! I was stunned, shocked, at a loss for words while I looked at him with incredible eyes, not believing his words for a second. Haha. Then he chided me for always complaining that he did not give me any surprise yet I am the one spoiling my own surprise this time round. *embarrassed* Here is a screenshot of our conversation after he sent me home.

Screenshot of appt with JP

He told me that he set the appointment date to be on 5th March 2016, a Saturday when I was not working. I have been looking forward to this date ever since then! *excited!*

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