My Papa’s Birthday

It will be my father’s lunar birthday tomorrow and hence, my whole family, together with Sunshine, went out for dinner last night (Sunday) to celebrate it in advance. I love both the lunar and Gregorian calendars because I can use them to my advantage like celebrating birthdays twice! Haha.

I just got my mid-year bonus (yes, it’s in July) and my papa was jokingly asking me to treat dinner. I said “yes” to a dinner readily and hence, he thought I was going to treat yesterday. Even when my elder brother wished him “Happy Birthday” in advance, he was still blur as a sotong as to the real purpose of the dinner. Lol. It was only until Sunshine wished him “Happy Birthday” that he stunned for a moment, finally realising that the dinner yesterday was to celebrate his birthday and that I would not be the only one paying. Lol.

Though we already initially settled on a place for dinner, my family did not really like the looks of it before we stepped into the restaurant (I would still go back and try though) and therefore, we wandered around Bedok Central and Bedok Point. One of us would suggest something and my whole family of seven (including Sunshine) would walk towards the place when someone else would suddenly suggest another place and we would head in a new direction. This happened quite a few things and it was quite =.=”

We eventually settled on Manhattan Fish Market. My brother searched online for any promotions and came across its “1-for-1” deals and checked that we could show those electronic coupons and enjoy the deals without having to present the physical copy. We looked through the menu and decided that we would just order three of the 1-for-1 deals to share among ourselves! It was a total portion for eight people (one of the set was a platter deal for two to share) but my family was confident we could finish them all. Haha. When we were ordering, we then realised that the coupons we were looking at were last year’s deals! Lol! =.= The manager was gracious enough to allow us to just order this year’s 1-for-1 deals though we do not even have any coupons (not even electronic ones) to show them. It was quite pleasant and flexible of them to allow us to do so. We enjoyed the food and most importantly, the company. Though the food is not the best, it is the quality family bonding time which matters. Happy Birthday Papa! <3

My Papa's birthday

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