CNY Shopping Trip to Woodlands Terrace

CNY Trip Featured

Update: This is the 2019 version. For the latest update in 2020, please click here. Some residents in the same neighbourhood as me were grassroots volunteers and they kindly organised a Chinese New Year shopping trip to Woodlands Terrace for all residents. As I had been wanting to visit Fassler and Melvados at Woodlands Terrace …

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Bye 2018… Hi, 2019!

Sunshine and I did not manage to celebrate the end of 2017 with my family last year cos we were away on our honeymoon. This year, I organised for the year end gathering to be at our place! This time round, we also asked Sunshine’s family over as well. This was not the first time …

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Winter Solstice Ready to eat

My father reminded me that it is 冬至, also known as Winter Solstice Festival, today. It is the first time Sunshine and I are spending this festival together as husband and wife in Sg (we were overseas last year). As it is a time for the family to get together and enjoy 汤圆/ glutinous rice …

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Happy First Wedding Anniversary to Us!

Wedding Anniversary Sunset View

Time passes so fast and before we know it, Sunshine and I have been married for a year now! Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary to Us! <3 To celebrate our first wedding anniversary, I told Sunshine I wanted to experience sky dining/dining with a view. After some research (Sunshine complained that I should also help to …

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October 2017

Oct 2017

It had been a very busy yet fulfilling month for Sunshine and myself. Hence, I simply had no time to update the website. I did not expect that there would be so much to prepare for a wedding and even if you asked me now, I still wouldn’t know what I had been so busy …

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