Welcome to 2016!

I am working as a nurse in a hospital in Singapore. This is the second time (in a row) that I am doing night shift on the eve of New Year’s Day. This means that I will be spending the last day of 2015 and first day of 2016 with my patients in the ward. However, I do not really feel a loss nor am I upset as I do not have the habit of counting down to New Year. Spending them with my patients is a good thing too! *must think positive!* My friend was joking that we should get all the patients to hold their call bells in their hands and countdown together. Once the clock strikes 12 midnight, all the patients will press the call bells simultaneously! Omg! I cannot imagine what a nightmare it will be! Haha.

Have a great, fulfilling year ahead! 😀

Happy 2016

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