Braised Chicken Wings

Chicken wings have always been one of my favourite foods since I was young. I love them all be it fried, braised, BBQ-ed or baked. It is also one of the foods I frequently have cravings for. Haha. However, my mum does not like to cook them because the whole preparation and cooking process is quite long. Since it is my off day and I have been wanting to eat braised chicken wings for some time now, I told my mum I would cook it today. I have never cooked it before nor did I pay any attention to how it was being cooked when my grandma or my mum cooked it previously. I just thought it seemed easy. Lol.

Braised CW - CW

Anyway, I went to the market in the morning. However, since my mum and sis said to buy the frozen ones from NTUC instead, I went to NTUC. As I was not very comfortable with buying frozen chicken wings, I bought the slightly fresher (in my opinion) Pasar brand of chicken wings: $9+ for 900g.

Braised CW - marinate

When I reached home, I started to wash the chicken wings. Luckily, I vaguely remembered how to wash them: wash with plain water first, rub with salt then rinse them. I then weighed my options on who to ask for directions to marinate the wings. I could research it online or call my grandma and ask her. The latter move meant that I would have to let my grandma know that I am not working and that I would be going over to her place later to get her to teach me instead of staying at home. Wanting to create more memories with her while she is still healthy, I decided to call my grandma. She said to marinate with 2 tablespoons of light soya sauce and some pepper. (She told me later that for marinating chicken wings, dark soya sauce should be used to marinate the wings instead. She thought I was going to fry them). After marinating, I kept the wings in the fridge till late afternoon.

Braised CW - hard boiled eggs

Braised CW - final product 1
I do not know why it looks so oily too!

At around 4.30 pm, I went over to my grandma’s place with chicken wings, eggs, cinnamon and garlic (I forgot to bring mushrooms). We started with cooking the eggs till they become hard boiled then we peeled the shells. My grandma placed the chicken wings, cinnamon sticks and washed garlic in a big pot filled with water and boiled the water. I then added in the eggs, some sugar and dark soya sauce for taste. Once the mixture has boiled, it is ready for consumption!

Braised CW - dau gua and mushrooms

I brought the pot home then cooked mushrooms and dau gua (my mum just bought them after work) in a separate pot. Though there was quite a number of ingredients inside and I think I had already added in a lot of dark soya sauce, this pot of braised chicken wings was tasteless. My youngest brother said it does not taste nice and I might as well do not waste my time cooking it next time. 🙁 I really do not know what went wrong as well! :'( Oh well… I shall try it again another time. I told Sunshine about this whole failed attempt and that this made me realised that a woman’s family is her stepping stone/guinea pig to cooking fabulous and delicious food for her future husband and children next time. So sad! I told Sunshine he better treat his woman better!

Sadly, this pot of braised chicken wings does not taste as good as it looks...
Sadly, this pot of braised chicken wings does not taste as good as it looks…

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