First day of work!

I just changed jobs recently and it was my first day of work on the 19th of Sept last week. Though I had been working for the past three years, I was still very excited and looking forward to starting my new job the day before, on the 18th. This was because I was previously working in a non-office setting. The work before was merely a transition from a student to a full-fledged professional. I had been practising four years as a student before passing out as a professional, made some friends who were already working and I had a group of newly graduated classmates reporting for work with me. I liken this to a upper secondary school student reporting for school on the first day. She knows how school is like and what to expect, has many friends who had moved up to this new level with her, had greater responsibilities now as an upper secondary student who has to set a good example for her juniors.

This time round, I would be reporting for my first office job! Like a small girl reporting for primary school for the first time, I wondered how it would be like, whether I would be making friends, whether my boss would like me, whether I would like my work and so on. I did not know what to expect. However, I was already dreaming about what to bring into office: I packed my umbrella, wallet, a small notebook, water bottle, charger with cable and a small lunch bag in my bag and was planning to bring in a small support pillow for my back, my sports shoes, a hanger and my jacket, a cup with lid and lots and lots of FOOD etc etc. I can already see my cubicle being “decorated” with all my belongings. Haha.

Getting ready for first day of work!
Getting ready for first day of work!

In this picture from clockwise: My bag, my dress and the >$200 necklace which Sunshine got for me, ang bao from my parents and my brother’s girlfriend, my socks, my shoes. =)

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