My Diamond Ring

I feel that my diamond ring totally deserves a post on its own for being so pretty!!! <3! Haha. My boyfriend, Sunshine, and I got my diamond ring from JannPaul early this year and ever since then, I have been waiting to see this little beauty!

Sunshine collected the ring in early April when it is ready and he kept commenting that it is beautiful and he totally cannot wait to see it on my finger. When I saw the ring, I finally understood what he was saying! The ring is really pretty!!! He would also stare at my left hand at times now and comment that my hand looks even prettier with the ring on it. Haha.

Besides this being my engagement ring from Sunshine, I absolutely adore it also because:

My Diamond Ring - JP 1

1. The ring looks very dainty and exquisite. It is a fine piece of art painstakingly hand-crafted on its own. 2. The rose and white gold twist gives some colour to the otherwise plain white gold. I am so glad the salesperson, Jullie, recommended this design to us.

My Diamond Ring - JP 3

3. The cut-out hearts in the ring tray is, in my opinion, simple in its design and not too complicated/sophisticated. I prefer a simple design to a plain or complicated one.

My Diamond Ring - JP 2

4. The four heart-shaped prongs, though small, look very cute too!

My diamond ring actual 2
Can you see the cute heart-shaped prongs??? =D

5. The diamond really shines!!! Despite it being a 0.42, it really blings! Previously when I watch all the JannPaul videos about how shiny their diamonds are, I always thought that they used damn big diamonds and that’s why they shine so much. I thought a smaller diamond like mine would significantly be less shiny than those. Oh boy! I was very wrong! Like what other people have described, the Solasfera cut which I have, really have small but fiery shines just like a small disco ball! It’s just so pretty! The diamond is also very white! I can just keep staring at it and think how white and shiny it is!

My Diamond Ring - actual (1)
Can you see its shine??? =D

I cannot help but keep showing off my ring to all those who would see it sia! All those near to me, especially Sunshine and my family members have been hearing, “You see, you see! This ring is really pretty hor?!” or “You see, you see! It’s very shiny eh! Can you see its shineee???” Haha. For this, I am very thankful for them. Thankful that they are all willing to listen to me repeating the same things umpteen times. All of them agreed with me that my diamond ring looks very beautiful too! *beams widely* Hehe.

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