Review of my Delonghi Oven

I was using a Rowenta oven for quite a number of years before I was finally fed up with its inability to maintain its temperature at the set value and uneven heat distribution; the food on left side of the tray where the heating element is, always turn brown much faster than the right. Hence, I began hunting for a value-for-money, reliable and bigger oven (still a table top oven as I do not have much space for a built-in oven in my house at the moment). With these considerations in mind, I shopped around and chose the Delonghi SfornatuttoMaxi 32L eventually. I bought it at $399 (excluding warranty) and within 2 weeks after my purchase, all the major departmental stores sold it at a discount for $299. =.=” *heartache* Currently, I have been using this oven for about 7 months now and here is my review for it.

Delonghi Oven
Image taken from Delonghi

Review of my Delonghi Sfornatutto Maxi 32L Oven 


  • This oven has 7 cooking functions and they are: defrost, grill, heat convection, traditional, gratin, rotisserie and keep warm. So far, I have only used the heat convection and traditional modes and they have served me well.


  • Unlike my previous oven, this Delonghi oven comes with a fan and a round heating element. This results in quite even heat distribution, which means, I do not have to rotate my trays in between baking. (Of course, there is some obvious uneven heat distribution, especially when I use the heat convection mode but I can live with that).
  • What I first noticed about the oven when I first used it was that, it was able to maintain a constant temperature at the set value throughout! This really amazed me and made me very satisfied with my purchase after years of using an oven where the temperature can rise up to 230°C when the set temperature is at 150°C. (I used the same external oven thermometer for both ovens to measure).


  • A double glass door and a unique insulation system makes the oven door not as hot to touch and reduces the heat lost from the oven, making it more energy efficient and saving my electricity bills! XD
  • According to Delonghi, the “lower heating element is hidden and the edges are rounded in order to make the cleaning easier”. I agree with this statement as I just have to wipe my oven with a damp cloth after using it and it looks clean and new! 😀
  • The insides of the oven is coated with Delonghi’s special enamel. Apparently, this material is more scratch and heat resistant than regular non-stick surfaces. As much as I try to be gentle when using my oven, I would accidentally scratch it sometimes with the trays I use and I thought I would see a few scratches here and there on its sides. Thankfully, the sides are still intact.
  • The presence of an oven ready light indicates when it is ready at the set temperature to bake my food! It is definitely much easier to spot this green “oven ready” light from a distance where I am doing my work, rather than having to walk to the oven and check the temperature on the oven thermometer every few minutes. On the other hand, the light in the oven itself lets me see my bakes and hence, allows me to adjust my baking accordingly.
  • You can only either open the oven door fully or close it; there is no in-between or “leaving the door slightly ajar”. This irritates me because I have to find suitable paper or something else to put in between the door and the oven just to open the oven door slightly during baking.
  • The temperature setting is in graduations of 20°C. This means that I have to estimate and guess how much of the knob to turn for anything that is in between an increment of less than 20°C. For example, where my Rowenta oven can let me adjust the temperature of the oven to the nearest °C (electronic settings), I can only guess that the 150°C where I had turned the knob to, is indeed at 150°C and not at 148, 149, 151, or 152°C etc. Even if I use an external oven thermometer to check, the oven would need some time to adjust to the set temperature and the thermometer would be even slower in reflecting the changed temperature. If it is not at the temperature I wanted and I turn the knob ever so slightly to readjust the temperature, I would have to wait for the oven (and thermometer) to respond before I can check if it is indeed at the temperature I wanted. Similarly, the timer is in graduations of 5 minutes and not to the nearest minute. (However, I use my phone’s timer to overcome this problem).
  • The knob controlling the timer can only be turned clockwise and not anti-clockwise. This means that once I set the timer to 10 minutes, I am unable to reduce the time set to 5 minutes. I would have to monitor the time myself and switch off the oven after 5 minutes or have my food cooked for 10 minutes. =.=

Final Verdict:

I am a novice baker who has had some success with baking using this oven. (All my baking products in this website were baked using this very oven.) This greatly increases my confidence in baking and makes me want to try baking different and more goodies for my family and friends. I am satisfied with my oven for now!

My oven
Rating for oven

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A novice baker =)

71 thoughts on “Review of my Delonghi Oven”

  1. Hi Rainbow;
    May I know which oven you using now?
    I intend to buy table top oven around 38L to 45L.
    Can you share any good oven to look for?

      • Hi Rainbow, I inherited this oven from my sister. I had problem to understand the various signs on the function dial. For eg what mode I should use to bake bread and cake ? Would you be kind enough to advise me ? I am truly a novice.

        • Hello Doris,

          The dials on the oven are as follows (in clockwise manner): rotisserie, gratin, traditional, heat convection, grill and defrost. I use the traditional function for my cakes. I do not bake bread so I am unable to advise the baking function to use. If it is not usually stated in a recipe, I would stick to the traditional function, where there is heat on the oven and bottom of the oven. The heat convection is similar to the traditional function, except that it has a fan to circulate the heat evenly throughout the oven and is hence used mainly for cookies and tarts.

  2. Im using the same oven but it doesnt really turns out to what i wanted on the temperature. All my cakes are usually burnt on top. What should i do?

    • Hello Angie,

      I am not an expert but if you currently are not using an oven thermometer, maybe you can use an oven thermometer to see if the temperature in the oven is higher than what you have set.

      Hope it helps

  3. Hello Rainbow!

    May I ask, if you don’t mind, what’s the measurement for the internal?

    I would like to know what’s the largest baking tray that can fit into the oven. I am looking for an oven but I am afraid might not be big enough.

    Hope to hear from you!

    • Hi Siti,

      I no longer have this oven with me (I brought it to my mother’s place after their oven broke down end of last year). However, this was one of my replies in 2017: “the inner dimensions of this oven are around 14″ by 13″ by 9.5″. Based on the measurements, it can comfortably fit a 9″, 10″ bakeware, which is a good size for me. However, it cannot fit a 12-hole muffin pan from Phoon Huat comfortably (I have to be careful not to scratch the sides of the oven).”

      You can visit one of my posts eg. blueberry muffin post (link here: to see the Phoon Huat 12-hole muffin tray. The tray touches both sides of the oven from end to end.

      Hope this helps 🙂

    • Hi rainbow, I bought the Delonghi oven a while back. During my first try, my banana cake was extremely burnt. Hence, I tested the oven with an oven thermometer and realised that my oven is 25C higher (eg when I set oven at 160C, cheap oven thermometer from Shopee shows 185C).

      Just wondering whether your oven had the same issue? Thanks 🙂

      • Hi Clara,

        When I first bought the oven, its temperature were the same as that of the oven thermometer. However, as time passed, the oven got hotter than the oven thermometer. I followed the oven thermometer when setting my temperature during baking. Hope it helps!

  4. Hello Rainbow,
    It’s good to find your review on the model of oven. I plan to buy one. I will use it to bake cakes and cookies.
    May I know how suitable is this oven for such use? Does the top brown easily since it’s direct heat when compared to bottom heating element which is covered?

    And I’m a novice baker. Thanks!

    • Hi Merrie,

      So far, I have no issues with using this oven for my cakes and cookies. Sure, there are some hotter spots (at the inner right hand column of the oven near the heating element) but I will just not put my cookies as near to that portion or rotate my baking tray halfway during baking.

      Correct me if I am wrong but I thought all cakes would brown at the top first before the whole cake is baked.. however, if your concern is the top of the cake browning way much faster before the cake can be baked throughly, I do not face such an issue. The browning is just nice when my cake is throughly baked.

      Hope this answers your questions! 🙂 (PS. I am a novice baker too. Haha)

  5. Hi Rainbow, I have been using this oven to bake chiffon at 160/170/180 deg cel at the lowest rack. The chiffon turn out good but there is always a streak of dense layer just below the brown top of the cake (not inverted). Im wondering if the top element is too hot. I selected top &bottom heat (non fan assisted). May I ask if it is possible to place the baking pan directly on the bottom concealed heating element (not on rack or tray), so that my chiffon is further away from the top heating element?
    Please advise. Thanks.

    • Hmm.. I’m no expert in baking cakes but I thought the dense layer might be because of insufficient baking. How long do you bake your cakes for? Maybe you could try baking an additional 10 more minutes?

      Would not suggest putting the cake tin directly on the bottom of the oven as if I am not wrong, it might be too hot and burn the cake.

  6. Hello Rainbow! Any update on your De’Longhi oven? Still working well? Any mishaps along the way? Thinking of buying this oven since my oven just gave up on me. Thank you!

    • Hi Khishy, my oven is still working well. I did not face any problems with it at all, except for its handle. As the material of the handle is rubber (?) and not metal, after years of using it, it got sticky and dirty (as dust got stuck on it). The problem is there is no way to clean it and the workaround I can think of is to wrap a piece of cloth on the handle. Haha.

      • Thank you for the response! ☺️ I’m now decided to get this. Wrapping it in cloth is a great idea. Would probably wrap mine as well before even using it. Thanks for the tip!

  7. Hi Rainbow thank you for your effort in sharing about this Oven. I am planning to get an oven for baking. I have been doing basic bake using my rice cooker 🙂

    May I ask for this oven, is there any issuer fitting the standard sizes of bakeware?

    I’m not sure of the capacity of oven to get for a hobbyist newbie baker.

    Thank you.

    • Hello Ai Ling! Wow! I didn’t know you can bake using a rice cooker!

      Hmm.. I did a rough measurement of my own. It’s inner capacity measures about 14″ by 13″ by 9.5″? As can be seen, it can comfortably fit a 9″, 10″ bakeware, which is a good size for me.

      However, it cannot fit a 12-hole muffin pan from Phoon Huat comfortably (I have to be careful not to scratch the sides of the oven).

      Other than that, I think it is a good size to try?

    • Selamat Malam Makcik Catz! 🙂

      For cakes, I do not use fan mode unless the recipe calls for it. So, it’s just top and bottom heat. I have read that the fan would blow the cake out of shape when the cake is rising. Hence, this would result in a dome shaped or slanted cake. For your next cake, you may wish to try baking without the fan. Hope it helps!

      For the benefits of the other readers, appreciate it if you can report back when you have baked your new cake!

      • Sure. But will not do baking till few days before hariraya.

        Oven facing same problem with Linda that the heating element is slanted downwards. Its not obvious when u look from bottom. Its not problem for baking but for grilling.

        It seems like chicken will ‘langgar’ the heating element when spit is turning. Maximum diameter i measure 13-14 cm. (You have to bring measuring tape when buying whole chicken..haha.)

        I tried called Delonghi service but engage all the time. And whatsapp but no response. Hmm.. If they can level or even the heating element.

          • Thanks for the greeting. Anyway, got sick before Hariraya. Bake cake last night, no dome shapenco the cake never rise haha… taste good though. Seems like fan add xtra heat by 10° more to the temperature.
            Contacted Delonghi last week, lady with ‘ stone’ voice asked me to watsapp rgdg heating element. I did and no response since. I’ve read about their b*d Service before buying so its true.
            Anyway, i saw Brandt mini four Oven. Nicr design. Read good reviews about it . The oven door feels good. It can be open slightly or all the way down. Except cleaning part delonghi wins. The rotisserie quite spacious. If i had to do all over again, i would probably buy Brandt. But then, nothing is perfect.

          • Hello! Hope you feeling better now.
            Yea.. I understand that fan would increase the temperature of the oven as well.
            Icic. Well, people do have regrets from time to time, myself included. Haha

  8. Hi Pay Chian, May I know if you have baked bread with this oven at 230C before? Does the temperature of the stays stays at your preset temperature consistently (using oven thermometer)?

    • Hi Nancy! Though I am not Pay Chian, I wish to share that I have not tried baking bread with this oven.

      According to my oven thermometer, the temperature stays constant when I baked. Hope it helps!

      • Hi Rainbow, thanks so much for your reply. My current table top oven is very unreliable, the temperature always drop below its preset temperature when bakes are placed into it. Worst of all, the fall depends on the items put in, eg. full tray of 12 muffins, temperature drops more than if there was only 9. After the fall, temperature never rises back to preset. I was hoping to find a more reliable oven and stumble upon your blog. Thanks!

        • Hi Nancy! I faced the same problem with my previous oven (just that the temperature kept rising during baking instead) and when I was looking for an oven, I couldnt find any reviews anywhere. So I thought to share my personal views and experience with this oven 😀 thanks for dropping by!

  9. Hi Rainbow! When you mentioned you only use top and bottom heat without the convention, do you turn the knob to the icon with top and bottom line? I’m thinking of getting a new oven myself, but sometimes very confused with the icons. thank you!

    • Yup! It’s the one with top and bottom line 🙂

      I was confused with the icons too but I just read the manual and trial-and-error! Haha

  10. Hi Rainbow, nice review. I followed ur review and purchases the same oven. Upon delivery,i noticed that the inner rim of the top heating coil beomg crooked (slighty slanted downwards)
    May i chk of urs or any other owners oven coil is straight?

  11. Hi … may i know if you baked your macarons using this oven? I have been battling hollowness in my macarons using the oven we have (non convection) and I always wonder if convection oven will provide a solution. I tried various folding method and playing with temp, to no avail.

    • Hi Angie,

      I baked everything I posted on this website (baking) using this oven. According to my own experience, hollow macarons can be due to high heat or that the macarons are not cooked yet. Without further information, I am unable to advise further. Hope you will succeed soon! =)

      • Hi! So i finally got this same exact oven! Tried baking macaron today but i hav ecracked top and no feet! And my mac was browned. What temp did you bake your mac? And did you put your tray at rhe lowest level? I used 140 today and lowest level for 15mins. Hollowness is gone , however, top cracked and no feet..

        • Hello Angie. Erm, from what u say: the cracked tops, no feet and browned macarons, I would say the temperature in the oven is too high. What I read is that the high heat in the macarons would be forced out from the top, resulting in cracked tops. Since the heat has already escaped from the top, the macarons would not be forced to rise, hence there is no feet. Perhaps, trying decreasing the temperature to 130 (halfway between 120 to 140)? If this temperature is too low, the macarons would be flat with no feet too but without cracked tops. Then u adjust the temperature accordingly. You can read more about my macaron experimentation here:

          • Yes! So, i turned the oven to 150 with convection setting, and placed a oven thermometer inside and it read 170! Perhaps convection oven creates more heat inside. Yes,, i did research a bit abt cracked top and they mentioned similar reasons like you did. Thank u for helping me troubleshoot.:) i read that you used top and bottom heat for your mac baking , so i assumed you did not use convection option ? Many yhanks!

          • Haha. Yes. Usually, if recipes call for convection mode, the temperature used would generally be lower. For a delicate bake like macarons, u dont use covection because it might result in loop-sided macarons. So, i didnt use convection, just the top and bottom heat function. =)

  12. Went down 25th August 2016 (Thursday) unfortunately no stock. But spoke to the sales lady and she said stock will be replenish today, 26th August abt 3sets – 4sets. She said she is left with 10sets for the promotion price @ $229. Whilst stock last. Made my reservation and today she called to inform me that the stock is in and she has reserved a set for me. Thank god. Thanks for sharing the info regards to this oven.

    • No problem! Glad you found it useful! Happiness when shared, is doubled. =D I’m so envious of the prices you all paid! Having said that, I think Delonghi should totally give me a bit of commission for its sales! Haha.

      • Hi Elicia! I have not been following the sales of this oven for a while since I got it already. However, if you read previous comments, some of them got the oven at Mustafa. I am not sure if there are still stock left or is there still a sales price for this though. Maybe you might want to call them up or go down to see?

  13. Hi dear, may I know where can I get this oven at $299? as i only found it at harvey norman without any discount and Tangs with 12% rebate.

    Thanks is advance 🙂

  14. I recently bought a 40l delongi oven. However, not so sure how to use it. When you say traditional setting… Is it the one with the top and bottom heating?

    • Hi Pay Chian! Yea.. when I said traditional, I do mean it as top and bottom heating. However, if I remember correctly, the 40l oven comes with more settings than the one I have..


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