Officially Engaged! <3

After procrastinating for about two months, Sunshine finally proposed to me on 17th June 2016! (There is no special reason for this date though).

Sunshine applied for leave on this day as he wanted to make a routine appointment with his dentist. However, the night before, he told me that he would be changing his appointment as he is required back at work. His boss had asked him to clear some work and he needed to go back to office for at least half a day. I had been on leave this past week and was looking forward to meeting and going out on a date with him on a weekday (cheaper and less crowded. Lol). Thus, I was a little disappointed and was cursing his boss for making him work when he had already applied and gotten approval for leave long ago. He assured me that he might most probably be able to leave early (before 12 noon) and would inform me as soon as possible (ASAP).

True enough, Sunshine messaged me at 11+am and told me I could meet him at his place already and that we can go out for lunch after that. I wanted him to meet me at the shopping mall near my place instead so that we do not have to travel to his place, go out for lunch then go back to his place and nua (slack) after that. Meeting for lunch first then going back to his place seems more logical, right? Oh well. He was making a lot of excuses and hence, I went to his place first. After all, I was not hungry at all. Throughout our conversation, he kept rushing me to reach his place ASAP. He sounded very impatient. At first, I did not suspect anything but his incessant nagging made me suspicious. Did he have any plans? Was that why he kept rushing me? I tried asking and teasing him about it but he kept brushing me off, saying that I think too much. Lol. I even told him no proposal in the room!

When he greeted me at his door, I saw him still wearing his long sleeve shirt and pants (work attire) and was slightly surprised. At this moment, his sister also decided to question him why was he still in work attire when he had ended work. Sunshine perspires easily and would jump at any opportunity to change out of his long sleeve shirt especially. By this time, I knew something was not right.

My suspicions were confirmed when he opened his room door and I saw decorated on his bed were petals scattered around and in a heart-shape. There were also a bouquet of flowers, balloons and photos of us (mainly me in the pictures though) placed and hung around his room. He turned me around and I saw another section of photos and I remembered exclaiming, “Woah! Here also got ah?” Haha. So… seconds passed while I stood in the centre of his room, waiting for what I have been waiting for months. He went down on one bended knee and said “Will you marry me?” I said yes and he went to put the beautiful ring on my ring finger. =)

We are now officially engaged! <3

Engaged - flowers

Part 2

Sunshine proposed to me on a Friday so that he can get the flowers and balloons delivered to him without anyone else in his family knowing. However, I had a dinner appointment arranged beforehand and thus, we had our post-proposal dinner the next day.

Sunshine did some research online and chose redpan, a local establishment serving modern (translated as “Western food” to me) food with a local twist. I think he chose it because I wanted western and he likes local food. Haha. Anyway, we had a wonderful, sumptuous and filling dinner there. (The portion was huge! Haha).

Engaged - post-proposal meal

Sunshine promised me to come back for Tuckshop Fried Chicken Wings! Just the name itself is making me salivate. Hehe. Till next time! =D

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