My Happy Happy Christmas Eve!

I do not usually blog about my day unless it is a special day or it means something to me. I feel that there are lots of reasons for me to be happy this Christmas Eve and I am thankful for that. Hence, I wanted to record it down =)

I started my day with an ad-hoc, part-time assignment, which was cancelled last minute. I then went to my Grandma’s place to keep her company. Sunshine and I had arranged to meet at my place at 12noon and while on my way back, he suddenly surprised me from the back (I was just walking back home and for some unknown reasons, I turned my back to see Sunshine creeping up behind me! He was trying to scare me but I somehow mitigated it by turning suddenly. He was caught by surprise at my sudden movement. Haha). He then gave me a Christmas present!!! Actually, he already surprised me with a laptop bag two weeks ago. I had taken a liking to it while we were window shopping previously and told him explicitly that I like it and he could buy it for me as a surprise. Haha. Sunshine is too dense to take hints so I must tell him straight in the face how to plan a surprise. Haha. So he secretly went to buy it and surprised me with it on some random day. However, the only flaw was… he did not wrap it!!! Tsk! I previously told him that I wanted a surprise and that he must wrap the gift for me to unwrap it so that I can guess the gift and get a pleasant surprise. I was previously nagging and complaining to him that he did not buy me any wrapped gift for years! (Not that I can remember very well XD) Anyway, he was nagged at for not wrapping the laptop bag. Oops!

Xmas Eve Laptop bag
My 1st Christmas present this year!

This time round, he totally caught me by surprise by giving me (another) gift and wrapped! The person who wrapped this obviously was not an experienced gift wrapper as he/she used the wrapping paper in the wrong direction. Lol. I tried guessing the gift but I just could not guess it. Sunshine said he thinks it is something that I would like. Hence, my first guess was chocolates! Haha. My other guesses included a diamond necklace, diamond earrings, diamond bracelet, watch and bangle (Not that I like them la. Just teasing Sunshine). Haha! Sunshine just kept rolling his eyes and stating it was a cheap gift. Hence, I guessed chocolates again. Lol. Sunshine told me to open the gift later at night and hence, we went out first.

X mas Eve My Christmas present
The cute surprise Sunshine got for me!
Xmas Eve Gifts for each other
Left : Sunshine’s gift for me Right: My gift for Sunshine

When we went out, Sunshine and I chanced upon a Santa promoting Visa Paywave in NTUC Fairprice. Basically, all one had to do was flash any Visa Paywave card and he would be entitled to a lucky draw. It’s so simple! I wanted to do it but Sunshine refused. However, I went ahead to take out my cards and Sunshine also followed suit. Haha. Both of us were entitled to two chances each and when I picked out the first one, another one was stuck to it too. I wanted to put it back but luckily I did not! This was because, it was the grand prize of $40 NTUC vouchers! Wow! *Damn happy!* Sunshine used to tell me that he was quite lucky in lucky draws because most of the times, he would win something while for the most of my life, my family do not win in any lucky draws. However, I realised the trend is reversing the past few years! I had been winning a few lucky draws while Sunshine said that he has not been winning any prize these past few years. Oops! Hehe. Anyway, I was very happy and thankful that I won $40 just like that! *happy!*

Xmas Eve Santas gift
Santa’s gift!

Sunshine and I went to Suntec and I managed to buy a really pretty dress! The plus point was, it only costed $34! Though it was not really considered cheap, it was still one of the cheaper dress I bought for work. Haha. I also managed to buy three beautiful coin pouches (I thought it can be used as to keep pads too!) at a pop-up store. Although I personally preferred those with cute cartoons, I knew two of my bridesmaids would prefer those with meaningful codes. Hence, I got what I thought they would like. I would have also loved to get one for myself but as I knew I would not have any use for it, I had to give it a miss… =( Nevertheless, I was satisfied with my purchase! I hope my bridesmaid would love it too when I finally give it to them next year, nearing my wedding day.

Xmas Eve my beautiful dress

Xmas Eve Coin pouches
Coin pouches for Pearlyn, Jasmine and my sister! <3

After shopping, we went home. I then helped to wrap some of the gifts for exchange during my extended family’s gathering on Christmas Day! Though we are not Christians nor Catholics and we do not celebrate Christmas, I still like to have a family gathering and exchanging of gifts! However, I set the gift to be restricted to a food item between $5 to $10. After all, this is just a gesture. Setting a high budget or not restricting the gift to be food (my fave la, actually) might actually make one stressed about buying a suitable gift for exchange and result in unnecessary money, time and effort spent and unsuitable gifts received.

Xmas Eve Stack of gifts

I ended my night by finally opening my¬†present from Sunshine. As I opened and saw a glimpse of it, I was really pleasantly surprised! The cube reads “Chocolate Flower” and “Flowers smell like chocolate”! Wow! What a unique gift and an even more unique choice of plant! This was not a cheap gift too! Nevertheless, this was something I like!!! I love chocolates and I also like plants! When I was shopping for a suitable present for my Santee a week ago, Sunshine and I came across many small plants in a cube (or whatever they are called). I was very tempted to buy them and was telling Sunshine that I wished my Santa would buy me one of those! Haha. (My Santa did not. In fact, she bought me something I do not use. Lol =/) Hence, I was very happy to receive this gift! I certainly did not expect Sunshine to buy me a gift, get it wrapped and that he would buy me something I really like! (Sunshine and I have different tastes). Yay! My mum suggested that I can leave it in my office and since then, I have already thought of where to put it and what to name it! I wanted to name it “Sunshine”. However, as I already had a Winnie the Pooh named “Sunshine”, I thought maybe I could name it “Sunshine 2”! Sunshine said I had no creativity. Haha. In the end, its name is going to be… “Rainbow”! Yay! I thought it was a good name. Hehe. Please grow well, Rainbow! <3

Xmas Eve My gift

Xmas Eve Rainbow

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