Wedding Planning Chapter 6 – Videographer Chosen!

After signing a bridal package and confirming our banquet venue, my next step was to engage a videographer (VG) as a photographer (PG) for our actual day (AD) photography has been included in our bridal package. My impression is that good PGs and VGs get snapped up very fast and hence, it would be better to secure them as soon as things are confirmed.

I first heard about YoyoStudio from one of my acquaintance when we were discussing about some other things. She then randomly recommended me YoyoStudio and said that her group of four friends, herself included had all engaged YoyoStudio’s services for their AD videography. According to her, the VGs were friendly and professional and the services were of good quality, yet cheap. My interest piqued when I realised that they only charged $880 for 10 hours of videography services!

However, it was only when I broached this topic to Sunshine that I realised he is very much against this idea of having a VG. His reasons were there is no point since we already have a PG, that it would be a waste of money because no one would watch the videos at all after the wedding and simply because we do not have enough money. However, the impression he gave me was he did not want to be filmed during silly things during the gatecrashing and then having it showcased to everyone at night during the banquet. Lol. He just would not budge on this no matter how much I reassure him that I do not want silly games to be played during my gatecrashing just for the sake of humiliating his groomsmen and himself.

No matter how much I negotiated, pleaded or even threatened him, he just did not want to even think about it! OMG! This led to our first argument about our wedding. I do not understand why he just does not count his blessings. I am not even asking for an overseas pre-wedding photoshoot, which would cost thousands of dollars, nor engaging a VG costing a few thousand dollars! I am only asking for a VG service which costs less than $1000 eh! *sigh* I explained that the VG would be able to record our exchange of wedding vows, something which I wanted! A PG would not be able to do that and that a VG would be able to capture more than a PG such that we can screenshot whatever we want and still develop our photos based on those! Hence, I was even prepared to give up the photography service in exchange for this! My stubborn Sunshine still insisted on not having a VG. If he had a valid reason, he should voice out and we can discuss. However, he just dismissed the issue and said he just did not want a VG =.=” We had a “cold war” which lasted few minutes before he finally relented, called me back and grudgingly declared that I can go ahead and book the VG but he would not smile at the camera at all. Lol. So cute sia. I know he wouldn’t. =p *wipe angry/sad tears away* Yay!!! We are going to have a VG! *can’t help but smile*

The next day, I quickly sent an online query to YoyoStudio to inquire more about their package. I wanted to seal the deal before Sunshine changed his mind about engaging a VG again! Haha. I also wanted to request for a particular VG from YoyoStudio after reading their Facebook reviews. At the same time, I also viewed their videography style as advised by them and other brides online. I do not know what type of videos I like but I do know that I do not like those which had been edited till it seemed like a variety show with all the comments/commentaries and emoji plastered throughout the video. I saw this style of editing during Sunshine’s cousin’s wedding and immediately knew that this would not be something I want. I want elegance, class, sweet and romantic, not humiliating or being treated as a laughing stock for my wedding. YoyoStudio did not have what I do not want and hence, I wanted to engage their services. Responses from them were always promptly answered within a few days (max three?). I requested for Ames as I read that he was professional, friendly and good! Thankfully, he had not been assigned a case then and that the person in-charge said that he would try to assign Ames as my VG. Yay! After confirming this, I transferred 50% of the total amount to their company’s bank account and got my contract signed. Settled!

yoyostudio packages
YoyoStudio Package

One week after I placed my deposit with YoyoStudios, I realised Our Wedding Story had a promotion!!! I came across their website while researching for a VG previously and was instantly attracted to their personalised “movie poster” for each couple!!! It is so pretty and cool!!! I also liked that they would assign two VGs, throw in a pre-wedding filming, have aerial filming and that they “film and edit in 4K Ultra HD” which allows them to “crop the footage without any quality loss”! However, when I was doing my research, they were not having a promotion and with Sunshine’s constant reminder that we do not have a lot of money to spare, I could only dream about engaging them. YoyoStudio’s $880 seemed more attractive then. However, they currently have a promotion (till end Dec 2016, fellow brides-to-be!) just one week after I placed my deposit with YoyoStudio!!! I was quite sad but there was nothing I could and would do. As much as I would like to “complain” to Sunshine, I would not do it. I am not stupid or itching for a “Serve you right! Humph!” If I forfeit my deposit with YoyoStudio and signed with Our Wedding Story, I would be paying the original amount (without discount) and having less perks than the pre-discounted one (they are not assigning two VGs with this current promotion)! Omg!!! Haiz. I can only comfort myself that I had a cheaper deal and that many people were satisfied with the service and product they received from YoyoStudio. I pray that our experience with them would be a great one too!

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2 thoughts on “Wedding Planning Chapter 6 – Videographer Chosen!”

    • Hi Cherry! Sharing another reply which I have sent to another bride-to-be earlier.

      Overall, video quality was good (standard, i have no complaints). However, one “negative” feedback I have is that the video feels like a template. My VG explained before that this is his company’s policy: that they are to shoot the same things (in different styles perhaps?) like rings, shoes, nails etc so there is no “unique” feature about the videos. Another complaint I have would be that he used the same filler three times when he transited from one scene/location to another. The filler used in my case was “fake talking” to each other. So in the video, we had my hubby and I taking to each other in my white gown at the first location, then in my white gown at another location with my bridesmaids and another time talking after I have changed into my tea dress. If I had known, I would have asked him not to repeat the same tactic three times in the Same Day Edit (SDE). Additionally, I requested to start the SDE with my hubby saying part of his vows and to end it with me saying part of my vows during our ROM. However, the VG explained that there would not be sufficient time to do so. Hence, do note this point if you are also thinking of the same as me.

      All in all, given the price, quality and service we received, I would still recommend Yoyostudios. We had fun and I am still enjoying watching my videos up till now.

      (We still have not received the extended video highlights though)

      Will post a full review soon. 🙂


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