Our Reno Journey Step 5: Continuation of Our Shopping Spreeee!!!

Step 5b Cellini

Electrical Appliances like Washing Machine, Fridge and TV: $3,237 Sunshine and I have been looking out for these electrical appliances for the past few months whenever we go window shopping. We first window shopped around to see what types and models were offered, noted down those which we like then went home to read reviews …

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Our Reno Journey Step 5: The Start of Our Shopping Spreeee!!!

Step 5 Different types of ceiling lights

Air-con: $4,433 Sunshine was the one researching on this. He insisted on having air-conditioning in the living room on top of having them just in the bedrooms and I just cannot talk him out of it. =.= We decided to get it from Gain City due to its reputation and we bought it at one …

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