Our Reno Journey Step 8 – Air-con Installation

Week 4 – Air-con piping

When we discussed about air-conditioning with our ID, L, he told us that we could also get aircon from his company. However, after comparing prices and thinking about it, we decided against getting it from him as we felt that in addition to the higher prices, if we encounter any problems with our aircon, we would have to call the ID, who would then call their contracted company. Though this may be better during the renovation stage as the ID can settle everything for us, I have doubts that the aftercare service would still be as good, especially after we have shifted in for one to two years etc. We preferred to contact the air-con company ourselves if needed. Hence, we researched for a reputable, big company (being first-timers and people who generally do not take high risks), we go for the big brands which we felt would not fold and close shop anytime. Readers could probably remember our choice of bridal studio, ID and now, for air-conditioning. We would not mind if we had good and reliable contacts eg. our electrician, but the problem was that we did not have. Hence, as mentioned in Step 5, we bought our air-conditioning from Gain City.

Step 8 Wrapped aircon
My friend’s aircon

L advised us to get the air-con piping installed first, before painting and then arrange for a second trip for the actual installation of the air-conditioning after the renovation was almost completed. The reasons he cited for a second trip was that (i) the painters might accidentally paint on the aircon if we had installed the aircon immediately during the single trip. He also mentioned that (ii) dust from the renovation might get into the aircon and that (iii) lastly, his contractors might switch on the aircon for their own use during hot days, which would increase our electricity bills =.= the last reason is so absurd. My friend who installed his aircon immediately and did not ask for a second trip, showed me how his aircon was nicely wrapped after installation, so that dust could not get into the system, not to mention being used by the contractors. I was sure we would be able to tell if the plastic wrapper was damaged. I think his main reason was that it would simply be easier for his painter to work. Lol.

Step 8 Plans drawn
Plans written on the wall

Anyway, we arranged for Gain City to install the aircon piping at our place during the period which L told us we could. As we did not get our aircon from L, he did not bother about this installation and Sunshine took leave to supervise the works. The contractors from Gain City spoke to Sunshine before starting work. We were given two choices on how to run the piping: either through the rooms or through the dining room. As we did not have any plans for two of our common rooms then (and till now as well), we chose to run the pipes through the dining room. This was also because we read people sharing online that if the pipes were installed through the rooms, they would either have to have custom-made cupboards to cover the pipes or to buy a shorter cupboard off the shelves and leave the ugly pipes exposed. In the event that the pipes leak, the cupboards would be damaged as well and have to be replaced.

Step 8 Pipes

After about a day’s work, the pipes and their covers were up! We did not expect the covers to be so glaring though. Hence, for the next few months, my mum and my uncle (her brother) nagged at us for choosing to install the pipes through the living room. I was quite upset as well. It did not help that my mum and uncle were rubbing salt in my wounds when I could see the covers right from my front door, every time when I came to the house. Yucks! The only thankful thing was that Sunshine was not bothered in the least. Lol. Given another choice, he said that he would still choose to have it through the dining room.

Step 8 Aircon ledge

Thankfully, L mentioned that he would box up the area towards the end of the renovation so that the covers would not be obvious at all. After enduring the ugly covers for months, we were quite satisfied when we saw the boxed-up area. Phew!

Step 8 Ugly covers
Ugly covers!
Step 8 Final
Final product! Yay!

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