My Doting Papa and His 贪吃的女儿

One fine day after my night shift, my father called me to tell me not to eat anymore of the pineapple tarts and that he made some cooling drink for me to bring down the heatiness. He said this is so that I would not fall sick just before CNY and not be able to enjoy CNY fully. Ok, I noted. Alas! I came home to these two messages written for me =.= They were so simple, funny yet heart-warming. *touched*

Greedy girl

The drink was prepared by my papa while the healthy box of blanched vegetables was prepared by my mummy (for my sister with extras for me).

Yang shen water

Apparently, my mummy told my papa that the pineapple tarts we made had decreased significantly from before they left for work till the night when my mummy reached home… and I was the only one at home during the day (to sleep and prepare for night shit shift later. Haha). So… the only possible culprit is me! Oops! Even up till now though, I do not think I ate a lot leh. I ate only a few pieces and then I went to sleep… *mumble*

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A novice baker =)

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