Happy Chinese New Year 2020! :D

Happy CNY 2020

Happy Chinese New Year! Here’s wishing all a very happy, prosperous and most importantly, healthy Rat year! I am also taking the opportunity to thank our heroes working selflessly throughout this period. THANK YOU!

CNY Shopping Trip to Woodlands Terrace

CNY Trip Featured

Update: This is the 2019 version. For the latest update in 2020, please click here. Some residents in the same neighbourhood as me were grassroots volunteers and they kindly organised a Chinese New Year shopping trip to Woodlands Terrace for all residents. As I had been wanting to visit Fassler and Melvados at Woodlands Terrace …

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Cornflakes Cookies

Cornflakes Cookies 2 final product 2

Recipe with Pictures Makes about 60 cornflakes cookies Ingredient list: 100g salted, soften butter (I bought the wrong one. Please use unsalted.) 70g of caster sugar 1 egg (~55g with shell) 150g plain flour (To try about 175g of flour the next time so that the cookies are not that soft and “wet” during the …

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My First Baking Order – Part II

Almond florentine bottled

Earlier on, I mentioned that I finally got my first baking order from my ex-colleagues who ordered 2 large bottles of almond florentine cookies. Heading my father’s suggestions, I decided not to charge them but to just give them those two bottles. In the end, one of the colleagues felt paiseh or embarrassed, that she …

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My Doting Papa and His 贪吃的女儿

Greedy girl

One fine day after my night shift, my father called me to tell me not to eat anymore of the pineapple tarts and that he made some cooling drink for me to bring down the heatiness. He said this is so that I would not fall sick just before CNY and not be able to …

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