Baked Cheese Cupcakes

Baked Cheese Cupcakes final product 2

Recently, while surfing the net, I saw someone post her pictures of baked cheese cupcakes and oh my! The cupcakes were cute!!! Cute things always attract me and these cupcakes were no exception. I took a quick look at the ingredient list and it further affirms my decision to bake them! The ingredients needed were so simple and …

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Walnut Butter Cake

Walnut Cake final product 1

I have always LOVE walnut cakes: the buttery taste, the heavenly smell, the crunchy walnut and the moist cake! Yummy yummy! A good walnut cake, however, is not easy to find or cheap. All the walnut cakes sold outside are either too expensive or contain too little walnuts to my liking. Hence, when I found …

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My First Baking Order – Part II

Almond florentine bottled

Earlier on, I mentioned that I finally got my first baking order from my ex-colleagues who ordered 2 large bottles of almond florentine cookies. Heading my father’s suggestions, I decided not to charge them but to just give them those two bottles. In the end, one of the colleagues felt paiseh or embarrassed, that she …

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Bottles of Golden Treats!

Pineapple tarts bottled

My elder brother was the only one who exclaimed that the pineapple tarts I made (together with great help from both my parents) were superb! On the other hand, my two other siblings only commented that the tarts tasted okay, like other tarts sold in the market. Therefore, when my elder brother wanted to give …

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Pineapple Tarts (enclosed version)

Pineapple tart final product

Pineapple tarts are a must-have in most households for Chinese New Year. I think just like siew mai and har gou are the staples for dim sum, pineapple tarts and kueh bangkit are the faces for CNY goodies. One of the reason for pineapple tarts’ popularity would most likely be its name in hokkien (旺来 tart), …

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