Rose Macarons

Rose Macarons final product

After my success with Matcha Macarons, I have been wanting to try some other flavoured macarons. As I previously had some leftover dried rose buds from my Rose Chiffon Cake, I decided to try baking some rose macarons. Recipe with Pictures Makes about 20 pieces of macarons Ingredient list: 60g of almond meal 80g of icing sugar …

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My First Baking Order – Part II

Almond florentine bottled

Earlier on, I mentioned that I finally got my first baking order from my ex-colleagues who ordered 2 large bottles of almond florentine cookies. Heading my father’s suggestions, I decided not to charge them but to just give them those two bottles. In the end, one of the colleagues felt paiseh or embarrassed, that she …

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My First Baking Order!

AF final product 2

Previously, I made some almond florentine cookies (Recipe here) and gave some of them to my ex-colleagues whom I was going to meet in a long long time. Little did I expect that they finished that one whole container of almond florentine in one sitting and that one of them actually asked if I sell …

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Almond Florentine

AF final product

When I first saw this recipe on The Baking Biatch last year, just slightly after Chinese New Year (CNY), I knew I had to make this for CNY the next year. Hence, with CNY approaching now, I immediately went to Phoon Huat to get my hands on the florentine powder and made them on the same …

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