October 2017

It had been a very busy yet fulfilling month for Sunshine and myself. Hence, I simply had no time to update the website. I did not expect that there would be so much to prepare for a wedding and even if you asked me now, I still wouldn’t know what I had been so busy with preparing for my wedding. Time just flies! After our wedding, Sunshine and I finally shifted to our new home together!

Right now, everyday is a exciting day for us as we begin a new chapter of our lives together. Loves!

Oct 2017

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A novice baker =)

3 thoughts on “October 2017”

  1. Hello, your blog has been really informative and useful! Would like to ask your opinion of the overall service and food rating of Novotel? We shortlisted Novotel as well for our wedding day!

    • Hi! Thanks for the compliment. I think overall, service and food was ok only.
      Service: I felt the service rendered to the couple was quite good actually and was impressed cos they really took care of us and tried to calm us down. However, some of my guests (more particular maybe?) felt that the waiters at their tables were inexperienced and had a few misses here and there eg. Did not top up drinks, spilled food on the lazy susan.
      Food: Food was ok only because while almost half the hall enjoyed the food, the other half said that food was not good (I had guests telling me that the fish was good even a month later vs fish was hard and not good). The food tasting session was good though. Haha.
      Will post a proper review soon 🙂


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