1+1=3! Part 12 – Woes During Second Trimester Part 3

Part 12 My weight graph

This is a continuation of the woes I faced during my second trimester. Other than a urinary problem which had since resolved after a month and a skin condition still awaiting proper diagnosis, both Sunshine and I were worried about Baby Cloud’s size. At my first appointment with KKH when I first saw Baby C …

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1+1=3! Part 8 – Woes During Second Trimester Part 2

Part 6b Dry hand

This is a continuation of my woes faced in my second trimester. ?Pregnancy-induced Eczema While I was still having trouble trying to pee at night, I gradually noticed that my skin was getting drier. My lips were very cracked and dry while my hands were visibly drier as well. Sometimes, my hands were so dry …

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1+1=3! Part 7 – Results of First Trimester Screening (FTS)

Part 7 Gift sets

When I was about week 16.5 in my pregnancy, I received results of my FTS and Harmony Test! All along, my papa had told us my eldest brother had it the toughest since he was the first-born and the first to navigate everything for us, in terms of school, new hobbies, exploring computers and the …

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1+1=3! Part 6 – Woes During Second Trimester Part 1

Part 6a Requisites for CIC

All my mummy friends, as well as those online articles, all state that the second trimester is the “honeymoon period” during the whole of pregnancy. They alleged this is because mummies-to-be have passed the first trimester of worrying about miscarriage, being extremely tired and having bouts of morning sickness, and they have yet to experience …

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