1+1=3! Part 12 – Woes During Second Trimester Part 3

This is a continuation of the woes I faced during my second trimester.

Other than a urinary problem which had since resolved after a month and a skin condition still awaiting proper diagnosis, both Sunshine and I were worried about Baby Cloud’s size. At my first appointment with KKH when I first saw Baby C as an inverted comma, she was estimated to be due in mid-Mar 2020. However, at our First Trimester Scan (FTS) at week 12, my estimated due date (EDD) was pushed back by a few days and pushed back again by a day during my Detailed Scan in week 20. When the doctor explained about the results of my Detailed Scan to me, she mentioned that it was not an issue since my “EDD had only been pushed back by a few days, not two weeks!” However, at my last appointment when I was about 25 weeks pregnant in early Dec 2019, yet another doctor (I see different doctors of different seniorities at each visit as I am a subsidised patient at KKH) told me that my EDD was at end-Mar 2020. She said this was okay as this corresponded to Baby C’s size as estimated from her screen that day. I was bewildered when I heard this but I thought I heard her wrongly. However, when I glanced at the ultrasound machine, I saw that the EDD stated there was 27 Mar 2020, which would be about 2 weeks behind my original EDD! Omg! Stupid me did not have a chance to clarify this with her as I was confused and was soon side-tracked by my own skin problem.

After I had stepped out of the doctor’s consultation room and really processed the information, I started to worry. Was Baby C not absorbing enough? I had often read that one of the fears for babies whose mummies had gestational diabetes (GD) was that the baby might grow too big due to the higher levels of glucose in the blood. As my glucose levels were constantly on the lower side based on the 10 day results from the research study which I participated in, did it mean that Baby C was not growing big enough as I did not have enough glucose for her? Omg! I felt so stupid at not asking the doctor further and just wanted to bash myself up for only remembering about my own skin problem :'( ! Now, I would never know if Baby C was undersized until my next scan in early Jan 2020. Ever since then though, Sunshine and I tried to feed me more often and whenever I felt slightly hungry. Over the past three weeks since my last appointment, I had gained more than 500g weekly (almost 2kg in total)! I thought I had read somewhere that the recommended weight gain was about 500g weekly and now, I am worrying if I am gaining weight too fast and whether all the weight gain is even going to Baby C in the first place. *face palm* I do not know what to do… I fret thinking that Baby C is undersized and not getting enough nutrients and on the other hand, I am also worried about gaining weight faster than the recommended range. I am also worried that my weight gain would increase exponentially in my third trimester and that I would gain more than the recommended total weight gain for the whole pregnancy and Baby C might eventually be oversized. All the talks about EDDs being pushed forward by weeks in a mums-to-be group chat that I am currently in certainly did not help matters as well. Sigh.

Part 12 My weight graph
See the increase in my weight between 3rd and 21st Dec 2019? 🙁

Note: I am currently at about week 28 of pregnancy based on my original EDD and I had gained about 6kg thus far.

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