1+1=3! Part 8 – Woes During Second Trimester Part 2

This is a continuation of my woes faced in my second trimester.

?Pregnancy-induced Eczema

While I was still having trouble trying to pee at night, I gradually noticed that my skin was getting drier. My lips were very cracked and dry while my hands were visibly drier as well. Sometimes, my hands were so dry that they became itchy and red spots would appear. Though I had applied moisturiser more frequently, my skin condition was still not improving. I had forgotten to bring this up and check with the gynae when I had my check-up in early Nov 2019 as the problem seemed minor then. It was only in mid-Nov when I realised that something was seriously wrong with me when my skin condition kept worsening and I had no idea why.

My dry lips, mouth, hands and even bloody nostrils all suggested to me that I was either heaty or seriously lacking in sufficient fluid. It gradually dawned on me that pregnant women need more water than when they were not pregnant as their baby needs fluid and the body also needs more fluid to make the amniotic fluid. This was such a simple concept but it just did not occur to me. I thought I had been drinking roughly the same amount of water I had been drinking pre-pregnancy, just that I stopped drinking water after 9pm since I had a urinary problem. As I would subconsciously not drink as much water when I was working in the day, I used to drink more water at night to replenish my intake. Cutting of fluid after 9pm meant that in total, I was actually drinking lesser than pre-pregnancy. Upon realising this, I tried to drink more water. I was drinking at least 2 litres of plain water during work itself and more off work. However, my skin condition still did not improve but had in fact, worsened. My lips were constantly peeling that it was painful. This started above my upper lip and had spread to my lower lip as well. I also developed itch around my right jaw and it had spread to my left jaw and my neck.

Part 8 Itchy skin
Redness over cheeks and jaw, with white peeling skin near the lips

My peeling skin not only placed me in a constant state of pain and itch, I was also increasingly getting more self-conscious of the stares I was getting from my colleagues and strangers alike. It was, and still is, very demoralising and I was looking forward to my next gynae appointment in early Dec so that I could be assessed and properly treated. Before then, I did not even dare to apply any more moisturiser to my face as my colleagues scared me by saying that I could have developed some sensitivity to products/ food which I was previously ok with, due to changes in hormones during pregnancy. This made me very paranoid that I did not apply anything else to my face. Sigh. I also have red, itchy spots on my hands from time to time.

Part 8 Red spots

I finally had my gynae appointment yesterday. She said that I could have developed pregnancy-induced eczema. OMG! I do not want to have eczema! It is not curable and one can only aim to manage the symptoms! She cautioned me that this might or might not go away after my pregnancy and that I might have already been susceptible pre-pregnancy, just that the pregnancy triggered my skin condition to worsen! :'( I was told that I would be referred to a dermatologist for a proper diagnosis and management of my condition.

Part 6b Peeling skin
Peeling skin (white parts)

Once again, I was very sad and became emotional (multiple times especially when I was in pain). I did not understand why I seemed to have all these additional problems which none of my friends had during pregnancy! None of them developed conditions which resulted in them having to visit an Emergency Department in the middle of the night, none of them had any peeling lips and all seemed to enjoy their second trimester! I thought experiencing the urinary problem was bad enough but looking back, I was comforted in the fact that it was temporary and that once Baby C grew bigger, my uterus would tilt outwards and relieve me of my problem. However, for this skin condition, I did not know when it would finally be cured (if it could even be cured in the first place!). This just saddened me and reduced me to tears multiple times again. For now, I am just applying moisturiser and looking forward to my appointment with my dermatologist.

Part 6b Dry hand
Dry hand

I told Sunshine that had I known pregnancy would be so tough, I would be contented with not having any kids at all :'( !!! Some of the other mummies-to-be in my Telegram group also shared their woes (e.g. cramping and bleeding leading to hospitalisation, development of gestational diabetes, carpel tunnel syndrome etc) and this made me realised how noble all mothers are to go through so much suffering for their kids. I told Sunshine Baby C better be healthy and filial towards me. If not, I will be so heartbroken. Sigh.

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