1+1=3! Part 9 – Detailed Scan at Week 20

I had my detailed scan when I was about week 20 into my pregnancy. I had read some accounts of mummies-to-be asking their baby to be cooperative during the scan so that everything could be measured and examined properly. I tired to tell Sunshine to do so but he did not take it seriously. On the day of my scan, I secretly told Baby C to be cooperative so that all her parts could be examined, yet not too cooperative such that I would only have limited screen time with her. Lol.

During the scan, the sonographer found Baby C hiding in a corner on my left and facing towards my spine. While that was ok because she could then measure Baby C’s spine, it soon became not ok because she had to examine elsewhere but Baby C was still happily hiding in her own corner, refusing to change positions. I was asked to turn, cough, walk, go toilet and come back but Baby C was still stubbornly in her own sweet corner. Again, I was told to toss and turn, cough, leave the room to walk and drink some milo in the hopes that she would become active. As this was taking much longer than expected and that I did not really see much of Baby C’s movements, I told Baby C to be more cooperative and that the sonographer just needed her to face out towards my belly button for a quick measurement. When I went back into the scanning room for the third time, it was as though Baby C understood what I said! She really turned in the direction facing my belly button! My heart skipped a beat… until the sonographer sighed and said she wanted a side view, not full view of Baby C’s face just so that she could measure her nasal bone! Oops! I told Baby C the wrong thing! Within a few seconds though, Baby C was back in her comfortable position, facing my butt again. *facepalm* After nudging Baby C with the ultrasound probe, the sonographer finally managed to get a somewhat satisfactory shot of Baby C’s nasal bone. She was tired as well and allowed me to finally leave after she was satisfied with her measurements. Lol. During the scan, she told me Baby C looks ok. Her measurements are in the normal range as well. Well done, Baby C!

The best picture I have of her at the Detailed Scan:

Part 9 Detailed scan
Shy Baby C!

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