Wedding Planning Chapter 14 – Selection of Wedding Photos

Chapter 14 Wedding photo

About three weeks after our wedding photoshoot, we were informed that our photos were ready for selection! We promptly made an appointment and visited WhiteLink in June, about four months before our wedding. When we reached, we were expecting our new assigned coordinator, D, to be the one attending to us. (Sadly, our previous coordinator, …

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Wedding Planning Chapter 13 – Pre-wedding Photoshoot

Chapter 13 Bouquet

As mentioned in one of my earlier posts, I was quite disappointed after receiving the photos for our casual photoshoot. Hence, I was kind of looking forward to my actual pre-wedding shoot (PWS) with the bridal studio as I hope that their quality would be better than the ones I had received. On the day …

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Wedding Planning Chapter 11 – Our Casual Photoshoot

Chapter 11 Hort Park

Sunshine and I did not sign for an outdoor photoshoot with WhiteLink when we signed for our bridal package. Hence, when my sister happened to give me a free outdoor photoshoot voucher, I was thrilled! I could use this photoshoot voucher to have an outdoor pre-wedding shoot! I thought of using my ROM dress and …

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Wedding Planning Chapter 9 – Our Gown Selection!

Chapter 9 my wedding gown

On 18 Feb, Sunshine and I had our first appointment with WhiteLink for our first gown selection! This is a day I had been looking forward to since we signed our bridal package last October. How time flies! About a week ago before our appointment, WhiteLink messaged us to remind us of our appointment. However, …

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