Wedding Planning Chapter 14 – Selection of Wedding Photos

About three weeks after our wedding photoshoot, we were informed that our photos were ready for selection! We promptly made an appointment and visited WhiteLink in June, about four months before our wedding. When we reached, we were expecting our new assigned coordinator, D, to be the one attending to us. (Sadly, our previous coordinator, J, had left the company). However, Jackie, our photographer for our pre-wedding shoot, was the one who attended to us that day. He showed us all the 200+ photos we had and we had to select 33 out of them. After teaching us how to save the ones we liked, he left us alone to comb through all photos to find our perfect 33! We tried to have an equal number of portrait and landscape photos but we realised that did not really matter as they would edit and crop them as they manipulated the layout in the wedding album. After an hour or so, we were left with about 38 photos! Wow! We were quite proud of ourselves for being so disciplined, especially when we looked gorgeous in all the photos! Haha.

Chapter 14 Photo
My sexy white gown which Sunshine liked and was very willing to top up $600 for…

Sunshine gave up and said that we would top up for the remaining five photos, at $80 each! We knew this was an exorbitant amount but it did not dawned on us when we were there that the total amount would be an additional $400! After informing Jackie that we were done with our selection, he then told us about the things he would edit in Photoshop: lighting, additional persons, stray hair strands, my arms, face, teeth, skin tone, his jawline etc. He told us there were three types of editing for the couple themselves: light, moderate and heavy. If I remembered correctly, we chose a mixture of light to moderate editing. Before we ended, he managed to convince us to top up another $100 for a larger photo frame, from our original 20″ to 24″. At that point in time, I recalled that we were given the option to choose either a 20″ or a 24″ photo frame after we signed our package (as mentioned in Chapter 3, I had to call the salesperson one day after we signed our package to request for it as she did not give us this “basic” freebie which other people mentioned that they received). I remembered not choosing the size of the frame then as I did not want to commit myself to anything and the salesperson said it was ok. However, as there was no written records, Jackie said that we were only entitled to the smaller frame. Zzz. Eventually, without any written evidence, we had to accept that we were only entitled to the smaller photo frame. Sunshine then made the decision to top up while I did not mention anything as I did not want to top up (but was embarrassed to reject him). Also, I thought Sunshine wanted to top up and hence, I did not stop him. After we left, I learnt that Sunshine thought I would have wanted to opt for a bigger photo frame and hence, he topped up! Sigh. I hope other people are not as stupid as us. Overall, we were very satisfied with the pictures taken but were quite sian that what we were promised was not honoured and that we spent another $500 just like that. Sadded~

Chapter 14 Additional top up

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