Wedding Planning Chapter 21 – Trip to the Bridal Shop

About one month before our wedding day, we went to WhiteLink to collect our wedding album, photo frame as well as select our wedding car decoration and flower bouquet.

Chapter 21 wedding albums

As usual, I thought we would be attended to by the coordinator assigned to me but I was wrong. B attended to us that day. She handed us our wedding album and photo frame and informed us to look through them to see if everything was ok. Imagine my horror when I flipped through the album and saw something I requested to be edited still in its original layout (see Chapter 15 for more elaboration):

Chapter 21 the oversight

After ensuring that our other requests to the layout of the album were fulfilled, I asked B about the above oversight. As B was not the one who attended to us during our wedding album layout session, she could only get K, the person who attended to us then, to explain what happened. When K arrived, he apparently did not seem to understand what I was saying. I had to question him a few times before he finally “recalled” and acknowledged that he overlooked our request. While they said that they would rectify the issue, both Sunshine and I knew that they would merely just dismantle the whole album, edit and print the correct layout and glue the whole album back together again. This made me furious because if K had paid attention to what we were saying then, there would not be a need to tear our whole album and reprint that specific page again. We would also then not have to go back empty-handed and come back another day to collect our album! Furthermore, K’s attitude when we asked him about the blunder was so nonchalant; he was not even apologetic at all. Irritating.

After settling the wedding album, B brought us an iPad for us to choose my hand bouquet and the wedding car decoration. I chose the following:

Chapter 21 my wedding bouquet
Chapter 21 car deco


Few days before our wedding, we went to WhiteLink twice for the following things:

  • Last fitting of wedding gowns and suits (first visit)
  • Selection of wedding accessories to go along with my wedding gown (first visit)
  • Collection of wedding gowns and suits
  • Collection of wedding accessories
  • Collection of wedding album
  • Selection and collection of suits for bride’s and groom’s fathers
  • Collection of wrist corsages for bridesmaids
Chapter 21 wrist corsages

When we arrived at 7pm for our second visit in the week, there were many couples at the studio and we were made to wait for someone who would be available to attend to us. At around 7.10pm, I saw another couple entering the studio and my assigned coordinator immediately attended to them. What the hell! Both of us were your assigned couples and you chose to attend to someone who came later than us?! If you were busy, then you should have informed us beforehand, not let us book the appointment slot and then make us wait! I would understand that the studio was busy because many couples were getting married over that weekend. However, ever since our first assigned coordinator, J, left and we were assigned to another coordinator, he had NEVER EVEN ATTENDED TO US ONCE. We had to wait for someone to be available and explain the purpose of our visit EVERY SINGLE TIME! This was our last visit to the studio before our wedding and yet, we were still treated less than their other couples. We had to ask for a staff who passed by our table if there would be anyone attending to us after waiting like idiots for over 15 minutes!

I saw my coordinator picking out suits for the other bride-to-be’s father, explained and attended to them while the coordinator helping us, B again, just gave both our fathers a black suit each. When I asked why the other fathers have suits with designs and both our fathers were given plain black suits, she just stated that the suits were all the same! They were not the same at all! The other father was trying on suits with simple designs which looked much better than the plain ones handed to us! I was just so upset at WhiteLink! I was just so DISAPPOINTED every single time I came here and I did not understand why they had to treat us like that. We were polite and not demanding customers ah… Sigh… As we were not allowed to see the collection of suits for fathers and B seemed unwilling to bring us more suits (she just said “oh! The ones I brought out for you were the ones suitable for your fathers’ sizes! The other suits you saw were not available in your fathers’ sizes/not nice/too old/*insert excuse here*” and insisted that the ones she brought out was chosen specifically for our fathers). Hence, both Sunshine and my father got plain, black suits as black as my face.

Seeing that I was so upset, my mother and sister then tried to make me feel better by asking B if they could throw in another rental of a short dress for my ROM ceremony. After checking with my assigned coordinator, B informed us that they could and assisted me in trying out some of their few dresses. This definitely made me feel much better because I saw how my mother and sister were trying to make me feel happier! I felt loved at that moment <3 Ever since I learnt that in the Western culture, the groom does not see his bride in her wedding dress till the wedding day itself when she walks down the aisle, I had been wishing that Sunshine had not seen me try out the wedding gowns. Hence, when this opportunity of having another dress for ROM arose, I chose the dress without Sunshine seeing it. Hehe. This also helped in making me feel much better then. Yay!

In total, I had the following gowns for my actual wedding day:

  • A short dress for ROM;
  • A white wedding gown;
  • A tea dress and;
  • An evening gown!


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