Wedding Planning Chapter 11 – Our Casual Photoshoot

Sunshine and I did not sign for an outdoor photoshoot with WhiteLink when we signed for our bridal package. Hence, when my sister happened to give me a free outdoor photoshoot voucher, I was thrilled! I could use this photoshoot voucher to have an outdoor pre-wedding shoot! I thought of using my ROM dress and my trial make-up for this shoot and have a casual outfit as well. In addition, it so happened that Zno had a promotion then for all its new members. Members who signed up during that promotion period are entitled to a free trial of their products ranging from photobooks to a canvas photo! Woo~ Basically, this means that I can have a free make-up (with hair-do at an additional $80), rent a gown (already in my package), have a free photoshoot (top up $98 to get all photos) and develop the photos for free (need to pay USD $10 for shipping). Wow! Though the costs are not insignificant, they are also much cheaper as compared to if I were to sign for an outdoor pre-wedding shoot by itself!

As it was the raining season during the period, the rain would come and go intermittently in the weeks leading up to my photoshoot. Although I knew luck would play a very important role in determining whether or not it would rain during my shoot, I still wanted to gamble and take a risk. After all, it had already rained in the morning of our shoot and I thought we would be lucky enough to not have any rain during our shoot in the afternoon. However, as time passed by, the skies got darker. I remember my parents driving us towards the direction of the dark clouds (we were heading for Hort Park) for our appointment. My mood got darker too. =( As fate would have it, it rained immediately the moment our car entered Hort Park. Sian… *sigh*

Chapter 11 Hort Park

The photographer was very kind and offered to take the photoshoot for us on another day. However, as I already had my make-up on, paid $80 for my hair-do and already used the ROM dress in my package, I requested for the shoot to continue, hoping that the rain would stop at a later time.

As both Sunshine and I do not know how to pose for photos, we felt very awkward. The photographer tried to guide us on where to stand etc but I felt that the poses were all very repetitive. We tried exploring different indoor places for our photoshoot within that limited space but we did not manage to find many pretty places. Halfway through, we changed into our casual clothes and then we continued to have a casual photoshoot. It was only when we ended that I chanced upon an indoor area with fake carpeted grass. Luckily for us, the photographer kindly agreed to help us take a few shots in the area.

Chapter 11 Winnie

The photographer let us review the photos before we decided to pay $98 for the whole set of photos. Knowing that we wanted to develop the photos, he also kindly agreed to send us the softcopy within a week, instead of his company’s six weeks policy.

However, after he sent us our photos, we realised that there were many imperfect shots: blurry images when we were not even moving, shots with the camera lens blocked, photo-bombers, Sunshine and I looking awkward and many others. Perhaps we were too tired to notice all these on the day of the photoshoot itself and only saw these when we reviewed the photos. Though the photographer was very kind, his photos were disappointing. Sigh. Had I known the quality of the photos would be such, I would have paid more for a proper outdoor photoshoot and not wasted my money on this “free” photoshoot. 🙁

Thankfully, I was able to find about 20-30 photos which I was satisfied with for my photobook 🙂

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