Wedding Planning Chapter 13 – Pre-wedding Photoshoot

As mentioned in one of my earlier posts, I was quite disappointed after receiving the photos for our casual photoshoot. Hence, I was kind of looking forward to my actual pre-wedding shoot (PWS) with the bridal studio as I hope that their quality would be better than the ones I had received. On the day of our photoshoot, I had to “report” to the bridal studio at about 9am in the morning. At that time, I felt thankful that I had chosen a bridal studio so near to our places. I cannot imagine if I had to keep travelling to Tanjong Pagar, Woodlands or some other place whenever I had to go to the bridal studio.

Chapter 13 Studio
Empty studio on a weekday morning!

By the time my first make-up was done, Sunshine had already reached (11+am). I did not realise time passed so fast! Soon after my hairdo was done and Sunshine’s light make-up was done, it was already 1+pm!!! I thought we would then have to go for lunch first before starting the photoshoot proper. Alas! There was no lunch! Oh well, thankfully I was not too hungry. When we signed our bridal package, both Sunshine and I actually did not want any photoshoot but we eventually settled for an indoor PWS. (Refer to this post for more details). However, after many months of reading about others’ experience about PWS, I was actually very tempted to take outdoor PWS on top of the indoor one we signed up for. The casual photoshoot we had did not help the situation as it was raining cats and dogs on the day of our casual shoot and the photos taken by the photographer were not very nice as well. On the day of our PWS, at my make-up artist’s (MUA’s) encouragement, I enquired if it was possible to do an outdoor PWS on top of our indoor PWS. However, we were told that we had to top up another $280 (excluding transport) just to have an outdoor shoot. They explained that it was because when we had signed the package, they gave us additional stuffs in exchange for not having an outdoor shoot. Though I am very certain we did not receive anything extra and that I found it ridiculous to pay $280 just to get the photographer to go outdoors (no transport, no MUA following, no entrance fees or whatsoever), we still topped up the $280 as I did not want to argue with them and I wanted an outdoor shoot with pretty photos. Surprisingly, Sunshine agreed to top up for the outdoor shoot without any hesitation. We did not have an outdoor shoot in the first place as he was afraid of perspiring in the heat with his suit on. Later that night, he explained that it was because he knew I was disappointed with our casual shoot and wanted another outdoor shoot to make up for it. Wow~ Hehe. Loves! Jackie, the photographer (PG) for our PWS, was friendly, cheerful and tried to joke with us the moment he saw us to make us feel at ease. Soon, we started our shoot. Jackie was able to direct us in posing, smiling and even guiding us how we should look (with our eyes). Watching Sunshine pose with his guidance made me realise how handsome Sunshine could look for the first time in our nine years together! Omg! He looked really suave! Haha. However, at the same time, both Jackie and I could see that Sunshine was very stiff. I thought crossing legs, for example, was one of the normal position one would have when resting! However, he just looked very stiff and not natural at all. *faints* However, we still had a lot of laughter and really enjoyed ourselves with the jokes Jackie tried to crack throughout our shoot. We then changed into my second outfit (my white gown) and another hair-do before more photo-taking. However, at this time, we noticed that the skies were turning grey and it soon rained! Though Jackie kept reassuring us that he would still be able to capture beautiful pictures even if it was drizzling, the thought of another rainy day and spoiling my photoshoot just made me sian. Jackie showed us some photos he took for a couple when it was raining and although I thought it looked ok and not as bad as the pictures from my casual photoshoot, I felt that there was just so many poses one can do in the rain. I do not want to be soaked in the thick, heavy and long gowns as well because I can imagine how uncomfortable that would be! *shudder* I secretly wished the rain would pass when we were ready to go out. Haha. After what seem like a long time in my white gown, at about 3+pm, Jackie finally informed us that he was done for the indoor shoot. We were finally heading outdoors! We changed into our third outfit for the day. Thankfully for Sunshine and myself, the rain had stopped! We were also lucky that my parents were overseas at the moment (and hence, the car was available for use) and that my sister happened to be at home that day! I bullied her to be my chauffeur for the day and she gladly obliged. Hehe. We saved $150 for transport expenses.

Chapter 13 Bouquet

As it was a last minute decision to go outdoors for our photoshoot, Sunshine and I had totally no idea where we would like to have our photoshoot taken. After finding out that going to churches was a no-no for me, that I wanted some greenery and we had already went to Hort Park before, he suggested Victoria Concert Hall (VCH) and Botanical Gardens! 🙂 When we reached VCH, we saw at least four other couples taking their wedding shoot there at the same time as well! It was quite amazing to think that despite so many people resulting in each couple+PG being confined to one area, the PGs were still able to work their magic and capture beautiful memories for the couples. Jackie was one of the PGs creating these magical pictures for us as our keepsakes. Soon, it was time for us to move to our next destination at Botanical Gardens. Thankfully, it was a weekday afternoon when I had to change in the toilet (not inside the cubicle as there was simply no space), as there was not a lot of people entering the toilet. However, as my sister was in the car and could not help me undress, I had to ask a lady who entered the toilet to help me unhook my gown. Oh my! Jackie also had to help me tie the back of my fourth gown after I had changed into it, OUTSIDE the toilet. Omg. When we reached Botanical Gardens, it was about evening time and hence, there was not much crowd (read: less photobombers). I showed him some online photos I liked and requested for him to take pictures of us in those poses. However, instead of just following blindly, Jackie tried to differentiate himself and asked us to pose in similar yet different poses. He also tried to accommodate our other requests such as taking a “Save The Date” photo and using the couple bears we brought along etc (though I thought I sensed some reluctance in him taking our bears. Perhaps he found it too childish. Haha). Though it was evening time, Jackie’s expertise in using different lighting angles and sources made the photos he took seem like they were taken at night. The leaves on the trees looked like they were glowing in the dark! I love this series of photos a lot! This made me very happy because the auntie me felt that I had a good bargain: we did not top up for night shots but were able to have shots taken as though it was nightfall already. Loves! At the end of our photoshoot, though I enjoyed myself very much, the “weird” poses Jackie made us do just made me feel that my neck and back might just break anytime soon or that my eyes might just become cross-eyed from the staring. Haha. Similarly, Sunshine complained that his back is breaking from all the standing straight (he usually slouches). On our way back, I suddenly felt itchy and painful in various parts of my body. After scratching myself for a period of time, I realised that there were A LOT OF ANTS on my gown! We figured that I must have waited near/on an ant nest while waiting for my sister to drive the car from the car park. OMG! Ants were crawling and biting all over me! I even saw one huge ant (I think it’s the queen ant with its huge butt) and I was just struggling and squirming my way throughout the ride back to WhiteLink. Yucks! Omg. My advice to all, especially those in gowns where you cannot even see what is underneath you, is to just open your eyes wide enough when you go outdoors for your photoshoot. We ended the day at about 9+pm, exhausted but happy having throughly enjoyed ourselves. PS. thanks to my sister who sacrificed her whole afternoon to drive us around 🙂

Chapter 13 Black gown
In preparation: A black gown against a white building at VCH.

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