1+1=3! Part 16 – Random Thoughts during My Third Trimester

I am getting bigger!

As my pregnancy progresses, the first thing I noticed was my weight gain (as mentioned earlier here). Besides seeing my weight increase on the weighing scale, my tummy is also getting bigger and bigger by the day. Previously, I only get comments that my tummy looked smaller than it should be. However, once I reach 30 weeks, Sunshine, my family and my colleagues have been telling me that my tummy looks much bigger than before and that I seem to finally be growing more meat. =.=” Even on some days now, I am still in awe that my tummy could be so big! Omg!

In addition, I also felt much heavier. Walking up a flight of stairs was a torture as my gluteal muscles (the part where the legs join the butt) would ache like crazy. I could not longer walk as fast too as I would feel pain in my lower tummy when I do that and I now have to walk like a tortoise. This scares me like hell because while I have not been actively exercising (I only swim during my pregnancy but stopped due to my skin sensitivity in my second trimester), I thought I had been on my feet and walking quite a lot, especially at work. I have heard accounts of inactive mummies-to-be not having sufficient energy to push during labour and had to resort to a Caesarean section, something which I would like to avoid.

Baby C is also getting bigger!

It is also very obvious that Baby C is getting bigger! Besides it being more and more difficult for me to toss and turn on my bed due to my huge tummy, I can feel Baby C much much more in terms of the quantity and quality (strength of her movements). So far, I have very thankful and happy that she has been quite a gentle baby, that she generally does not cause me any pain when she moves, punches or kicks. Haha. However, she does make me uncomfortable occasionally especially when she squirms and this is when I would complain to Sunshine that his daughter is bullying me. Most of the time, the solution is for me to put Sunshine’s hand on my tummy so that she quietens down. Lol. Most of the time.

Baby C seems to be developing her own character/habits!

A Shy Baby

I find Baby C’s random movements very cute! Her movements makes me wonder what she is doing inside of me and at times like this, I cannot help but wish that I have an ultrasound machine at home with me so that I can see what exactly is making her so excited that she keeps moving. Lol. Sadly, she is a shy baby! She has been so evasive that every time I try to capture her movements using my phone, she would know and stop moving! :'( Even at my last scan (the Growth Scan) where I told her to move more during the scan so that both Sunshine and myself can finally see her what she is doing inside, she was just… plain lazing around/sleeping during the whole scan. At my Detailed Scan in Week 20, she was just facing my back and not showing her face at all =.=”

A Night Owl

I noticed that Baby C is a night owl and really moves so much more at night than in the day! For this, I blame Sunshine for turning Baby C into a night owl who totally does not move until it is past 11am, but wakes up at night and kicks me whenever I am trying to get back to sleep at 4+am in the morning after I pee. This is because he would always ask her to wake up and kick me harder at night, when he’s at home and can feel her. =.=” Both my parents tried to warn us about waking her up at night because they believe that she would get used to waking up at night and not sleep after she is born but Sunshine just brushed them off (behind their backs of course). However, we are now both slightly worried because Baby C does indeed behave like a night owl now (somewhat like what her father used to be before he started working =.=).

Case in point: Sunshine and I were hugging each other to sleep one random night when Baby C kept kicking. She would always choose the point where I was falling asleep to kick such that I would be wakened up and this happened several times that particular night. Sunshine also told me the next day that even after I fell asleep, Baby C was still kicking and keeping him from sleeping that he just had to let me go. We were wondering if it was because she was uncomfortable being squashed in between us that she kept protesting that night or was it the timing of the event. Hence, we tried hugging in the same position as we did that night on a random morning, just before we got out of our bed. There was no movement at all, even when Sunshine tried to hug me tighter! Lol.

A Thoughtful Baby?

I used to be paranoid about her well being, wondering if she is ok as she can go whole morning without letting me feeling her movements at all. However, now I know she is still sleeping and would usually only start moving once I have my lunch (I secretly think Baby C might be a greedy/foodie baby like me. Haha). On the other hand, I feel that when I am really wondering about her well being and worried for her safety, she can sense it as well. At times like this, she would then give me a gentle kick (or punch) to let me know that she is alive and well! I would feel so much love whenever she does that.

Though I feel very blessed to be able to feel Baby C so much nowadays and I cannot wait to finally carry her in my arms, I am also trying to enjoy my third trimester as much as I could (eg. enjoying Sunshine’s extra attention and pampering =p) before Baby C creates havoc in our lives! Maybe then, I will wish that I can stuff her back into my tummy. Lol. I also know that when she is finally born, I would miss feeling her movements in my tummy :'( !!!

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