A Note to Baby C…

Dear Baby C

At the doctor’s appointment today, I was hoping that she would tell me that you are finally ready to see the world and ask me to get ready to welcome you into my arms. You would have been the best birthday gift I could ever ask for! However, you are probably still too comfortable within (water levels okay; heart rate still good), have your own plans on your grand arrival and choosing your own unique birthday. Hence, the doctor have discussed with both your father and myself and gave us a period by which you must be out: 15-17 Mar 2020. I told the doctor “15 or 16” and she chose the latter. Your father thinks that this is because the doctor would have preferred not to come to work on a Sunday (15 Mar 2020) instead. Lol. Hence, I am now conveying this ultimatum to you: be out by 16 Mar 2020 or we will forcefully evict you.

Sigh… Though my birthday wish for you to share my birthday today would not come true already, I still harbour the hope that you would choose your own birthday instead of waiting for us to evict you. Hence, please be guai guai and choose a nice, good date to arrive k? A lot of people cannot wait to see you! At the same time though, I know I will definitely miss feeling you in my womb :'( Therefore, in the meantime, let’s cherish the remaining time you have sheltered within me together.

Love, your mum <3

PS. Your Ah gong asked me to tell you to choose a good day and time to be born such that you will have a good life. So… please choose wisely <3

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