1+1=3! Part 17 – Baby C’s Clothes

In this post, I will share more about Baby C’s clothes and other linen (for a lack of a better word) which we bought for her.

Baby Clothes

Other than a pack of 7 short sleeve bodysuits which I asked my brother to get from Marks & Spencer, Sunshine and I did not buy any other new clothing for Baby C. While Sunshine would very much prefer to get new, pretty clothes for Baby C, I prefer to save a bit of money for other things: I have received a lot of hand-me-downs in good condition, everyone says babies will outgrow their clothes quickly that buying a lot of new clothes for them would be a waste and some older folks believe that babies who wear hand-me-downs would be easier to care for. Thankfully, Sunshine did not insist as the amount of hand-me-downs I had to sort through had already given me a headache.

Part 17 Hand me downs
Sorting the hand-me-downs and Baby C (pictured yellow =p)

Washcloths and Towels – Bebe Bamboo

I had been struggling with the type of washcloths and towels to buy for the longest time given that there is a huge price range for these items, depending on their materials: muslin, cotton, organic cotton and bamboo. I am unsure if I should spend x times as much for organic cotton/ bamboo washcloths/ towels or just get the conventional cotton/ muslin ones and had thus been procrastinating getting them. My personal deadline for getting these items was the last baby fair in Jan 2020 (Mummy’s Market) as I thought this would be my last baby fair before I give birth in Mar 2020.

At the pre-order sale for Mummy’s Market, Bebe Bamboo washcloths were going at buy-1-get-1-free at $25 for 10 washcloths (its price at the fair itself was $28 instead). Though this was still a very expensive price given that muslin washcloths were going at $0.60 – $1 per piece instead, I thought to just spend a bit more to buy these bamboo ones. This was because muslin washcloths do not look like they could undergo vigorous scrubbing/ rubbing needed to get rid of vomits, regurgitated milk feeds and other stains etc. In fact, muslin washcloths looked like they would have a hole immediately after I scrubbed them and I would have to replace them quite quickly.

Part 17 Crok Crok Frog
I missed this pre-flash deal!!! :'(

At the pre-flash sale for the final baby fair in 2019 (Baby Land), Crok Crok Frog towels were going at buy-1-get-2-free for $29. As I had not been observing its past promotions and prices beforehand, I did not realise that this was a very good deal which they usually do not offer. When I wanted to pre-order this at the baby fair in Jan 2020, the promotion was its usual buy-1-get-1-free at $29. Hence, I did not consider pre-ordering any towels at Mummy’s Market. I wanted to feel the different materials for myself at the fair itself before I decide the type of towels to buy. On the day of the fair, though we had been there for about three hours, I still had not finished searching for all the towels which I had shortlisted. A tired Sunshine who wanted to go home then insisted on getting Bebe bamboo towels eventually as he preferred the material and he knew I liked the cute designs. Had I knew that it would come to this, I would have pre-ordered their towels together with their washcloths instead of paying $45 for a bundle of three towels *face palm* Other than feeling heart pain about the money spent, I was quite satisfied with our washcloth/towel purchase. Sunshine knew this and was just pleased to know that I was happy *sweet smile*

Part 17 Bebe Bamboo
Seeing these cute Bebe towels made me very happy! Haha!

Swaddles – Love to Dream

Right from the start when we went to our first baby fair a month after we knew about Baby C’s existence, Sunshine had already declared that he only wanted Love to Dream swaddles for Baby C. He refused to consider the traditional muslin swaddles nor other brands of zipped-up swaddles. Unlike clothes which he was ok to use hand-me-downs, Sunshine somehow refused to consider second-hand swaddles for Baby C and insisted on buying new ones which cost thrice as much *roll eyes* Hence, my sister-in-law helped us keep a lookout for discounts for these swaddles in Australia and eventually bought them for us when they were at a sale ($30+ AUD vs $50+SGD). Sunshine did his research and learnt that the Bamboo Lite 2.0 series is more suitable for warmer climate like Sg (instead of the Bamboo 1.0 series). Hence, we got the following for start (we got medium size as that was the size my friend got for her son straight as well):

1) Love To Dream Swaddle Up Bamboo Lite 0.2 Tog Pink Medium x1 – $36.50 AUD
2) Love To Dream Swaddle Up Bamboo Lite 0.2 Tog Grey Medium x1 – $36.50 AUD
3) Love To Dream Swaddle Up Transition Bag Bamboo Lite 0.2 Tog Mint Medium x1 – $41.95 AUD

Part 17 Swaddle Up
Clockwise from top

Mittens and Booties

I had once given some Tollyjoy mittens and booties to a colleague when he had his daughter. He feedback that those were the best he ever had because unlike other mittens and booties which would drop out easily, Tollyjoy mittens and booties were snug and did not come off easily. Since then, I had made a mental note to buy Tolleyjoy mittens and booties for my baby as well. Another colleague of mine who gave birth last year also cautioned against buying cheap mittens and booties which she did as they would come off easily and recommended getting snug ones from Kiddy Palace. This reinforced my thinking that I should not just get any mittens and booties which I thought looked cute but should buy them based on recommendations. Hence, I would be getting Baby C’s mittens and booties from Tollyjoy or Kiddy Palace. we got Tollyjoy mittens and booties!

Part 17 Mittens and booties

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