1+1=3! Part 5 – Kiasu Mummy at Work

I have always read how some mummies would obtain loads of freebies for their babies during their pregnancies. Some of these are offered by various companies for people to try their products while others may be tied to insurance providers. As the latter usually requires pregnant mummies to at least be 13 weeks pregnant, I started looking out for such deals after my first trimester, once the pregnancy was more stablised and the risk of miscarriage decreased. Some of these not only offer free samples, but provide other rewards such as discounts if you buy their products subsequently, other deals and tie-ups which they may have with other companies or useful information about pregnancy.

I have tried to list down some of the samples which I had redeemed. As this is not a comprehensive list, do share with me other great deals if you have! If not, you can start by trying to redeem some samples based on the list below too:

Samples for maternal milk:

Samples for diapers:

  • Bosomi. I only heard about this brand when I receive a sample from Mummy’s Market baby fair in Oct 2019 and had just redeemed it. Will update if I receive it eventually. Update: I did not receive their sample.
  • Drypers. My sister-in-law who is currently also pregnant and one month more advanced in her pregnancy also tried to redeem a sample from here but she did not receive the sample. I think it was missed out and she did not bother to contact them to request for it. Update: She eventually received her sample.
  • Mamypoko. I just redeemed this and will update if the diapers come eventually. Update: The diapers came in a few weeks’ time and while the other packaging was “MamyPoko”, the diapers were labelled “Moony”.
  • Merries.
  • Rascal and Friends. I have provided a link to their Facebook Page where you can like and follow them to know when they are giving out free samples to try. I got Sunshine to register for this as well but as their policy is that we cannot redeem diapers for the same size, they gave us one Newborn and one Small sized pack instead.
  • The Huggies Club. For a limited time period, both myself and you who sign up via this link will receive a packet of Huggies sample. So hurry! Sign up now XD

Freebies tied up with other insurance providers:

  • Baby Steps. This is by Great Eastern. It was only when I met the agent that I learnt that Great Eastern was trying to revamp their maternity insurance plans to be more competitive with AIA’s plans.
  • Bundle of Joy. I have provided a link to their Facebook Page. This is by DC Financial which sells AIA products.
  • Great Bundle of Joy. My friend, who is a Great Eastern agent, told me about this. Besides a complimentary six months personal accident insurance plan and a one year free Mothercare VIP membership, I also redeemed a Snapkis Baby Feeding Set. The gift set has since been changed from the time I registered though.
  • Mothersclub. One would have to sign up as a member before an insurance agent from Qiren organisation will contact you to arrange for a financial consultation with you and pass you the Mothersclub box. Qiren organisation sells AIA insurance products. This is more than just redeeming freebies as there are other programmes and rewards.
  • Mums’ Club. One would have to sign up as a member before receiving an email invitation to collect your box. I received an email confirming that I have successfully registered for membership but 2.5 weeks later, I am still waiting for their email invitation to collect my box. Sigh. My sister-in-law who collected her Mums’ Club box shared the following picture with me. Similar to Mothersclub, she had to sit through a financial consultation with an agent from Qiren organisation. Again, this is more than just redeeming freebies as there are other programmes and rewards. Update: I had received an email asking me to choose my preferred date and venue for collection. I collected my box on 23 Nov 2019, during a baby fair. There was no need to sit through a talk by insurance agents during my collection. As can be seen in the two pictures, the items in both boxes are slightly different.
  • Token of Love. I did not know that this was also by Qiren Organisation and was very paiseh when I had arranged to meet another agent at the same venue and on the same day.

Sunshine would “complain” that I was too kiasu but would still grudgingly accompany me to some of the financial consultations to help me carry the freebies. Lol.

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