Our Reno Journey Step 15 – Final Look of Our Home <3

After procrastinating for so damn long (years in fact!), I am very pleased and relieved to say that I have finally reached the last step of our renovation journey – the sharing of the final look of our home! Yay to me! I will just let the pictures do the talking now:

Living Room

Step 15 Final look living room
Our living room, which definitely does not look as uncluttered in this picture as it was then. Lol.

Dining Room

Step 15 Final look dining room
I like how sunlight from our kitchen can enter and brighten our home through our glass between our dining room and kitchen. On some mornings, I would be able to spot rainbows (!) in my living room due to this light!


Step 15 Final look our kitchen

Master bedroom

Step 15 Final look our master bedroom

Overall, though we had happy and upset memories during the whole renovation process, we were very glad that we finally finished this process and could stay in a place we can call our own! I also realised, it is definitely more the people and the memories in our home that makes it uniquely our home and not the nitty gritty, imperfect stuffs which I used to sweat about.

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