Our Reno Journey Step 6: Defects Checklist

I have taken a long hiatus in writing about Sunshine’s and my renovation journey as we were just so mentally exhausted after the whole renovation process (and that I was very lazy). Omg. We have since stayed for about a year in our new home now and the inertia to write just gets larger and larger XD

Today, I shall start with one of the more informative (hopefully) post: defects checklist – what to look out for in your new place!

One of the reasons why Sunshine and I signed our renovation package before we got our keys was because we wanted our ID to help us look out for the things to check in our new place (the opposite reason for not wanting to sign before we obtain our keys was because we thought that we would like the ID to look at our place and propose ideas, or serve as a counter check for us to see if our ideas were feasible instead of just planning it based on our floor plan, just to inform us that the plans were not feasible after looking at our place).

As mentioned in Step 3, on the first trip to our place, besides the praying items, we brought along the following as well:

  1. Chairs/stools
  2. Portable USB fans
  3. Masking tape and marker
  4. Charger (or some plug to test all the electrical points)
  5. Measuring tape
  6. Mineral water
  7. Carpenter’s ruler
  8. Small hammer (to check the tiles)

After performing a brief check of our house, we left as it had been a long and exciting day for us (and also because the portable fans were not really helping with the stuffiness in the house. I would suggest to bring a small fan instead). Sunshine returned on another day with L, our ID, to complete the checks.

Here are some of the things we informed HDB about:

Step 6 Door
The door was not replaced eventually but the HDB contractor helped us paint over the areas where the paint had dropped and where the crack was
Step 6 Plug
This plug was replaced eventually.
Step 6 Rusty hinges
In the end, we did not report this as Sunshine felt that there was no way they would change the bomb shelter door or the hinge for us.
Step 6 Uneven tiles
This was rectified.

For a list of what to bring and do, click the following link:

Download our free defect checklist (in PDF)

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