Our Reno Journey Step 10 – Gas Piping and Checking of Flooring Defects

Weeks 9 and 10 – Installation of gas pipes and checking of flooring defects

Step 10 Gas Piping

Our ID informed us that we would have to liaise directly with Citygas for our gas piping and hence, Sunshine took leave on a weekday and “supervised” the installation of gas piping for our cooking, water heater and dryer. I was (and still am) very thankful that Sunshine made the decision on the type of water heater for our house as I found it a chore to read about instant electric heater vs storage electric heater vs gas heater (it’s so boring and technical I think?). It did not even cross my mind that this was something we would have to decide – isn’t there just a default option which everyone chooses? Apparently not. Lol. Sunshine chose gas heater as he said gas is cheaper than electricity. It was only after my father visited our house after our renovation was done that he said it was dangerous to have a gas heater instead of an electric one (in the event of a gas explosion if there is a leak). Whatever *shrug* I think even if my father told me this earlier, I would have only voiced this to Sunshine, only for him to reassure/brush my concerns off and still choose a gas heater. Lol.

Step 10 Gas Heater

My parents went over to our place with us on the weekend and when they saw the flooring, they were both aghast! Some parts of the flooring were really uneven/jutting out/hollow and they were very concerned that someone would cut their toes over the jutting tiles in future if we did not get them rectified. The inexperienced Sunshine and I thought that those were small issues/would not matter/could not be rectified. They were so unimpressed that my father taught me how to assess if each tile was placed evenly. Hence, the four of us went through our whole living room and dining room and marked out all the unsatisfactory spots. Omg… it was back-breaking, tedious work. I remember feeling very grateful that we did not have tiles in our rooms as well. I was also very thankful for my parents who dropped us at our place and also help checked our renovation from time to time <3

Step 10 Defects
See uneven tiles and our very reflective floor tiles?? *faint* Thankfully, the reflection is not like that with all the furnishing.

We also only realised that there were some hollow vinyl pieces* in some of our rooms after the renovation was done, when we stepped in and out of our rooms more often. Lol. There is one of such piece in each of our master bedroom and the middle room. Thankfully, the hollow piece in our master bedroom had been “pressed down” by our bed. I count ourselves quite lucky for this as when we went to Sunshine’s friend’s place, we noted that his house had A LOT of such hollow vinyl pieces.

Step 10 Defects 2
Markings on our floor

*Note: It was not that the vinyl pieces were hollow, but the cement underneath was not evenly laid and hence, there would be a gap between the vinyl and cement (hollow). I am not sure what this defect means in the longer term (eg. will there be a risk that the vinyl would pop up like tiles do?), but I do know that it just feels weird stepping on such a piece.

Step 10 Defects 3

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