Our Reno Journey Step 2: Choices, choices, choices! (Materials Selection for Our Home)

After we signed our renovation package with Absolook, our ID, L, made an appointment to select the materials with us the following Saturday.

L informed us to select our floor tiles ourselves at their partner company, Soon Bee Huat.

Step 2 Soon Bee Huat
Soon Bee Huat

There was a very wide selection of tiles for both flooring and walls at Soon Bee Huat and we took some time to choose something within the range we were entitled to and something we liked 🙂 Sunshine wanted plain, pure white glossy tiles while I wanted something simple (ie. not plain but not too complicated). In the end, I won. Lol.

Step 2 tile selection

After choosing our floor tiles, the salesperson gave us a sample of the tile we chose for us to bring back to our ID (for the 3D drawing simulation). We were deciding between two of them and hence, the salesperson gave us a sample of the two. We toured around the showroom while he was preparing the samples for us and noting down our details. We saw a lot of tiles but this particular mosaic design caught my eye! There’s seashells in them! Omg! So cool! This is perfect for a beach theme bathroom! Too bad HDB would have already renovate our toilets and not allow homeowners to hack the pre-existing tiles within five years for their warranty to be valid. I told Sunshine that we shall KIV this for our bathroom renovation next time. Haha.

Step 2 Mosaic

We also saw a programme which allows its customers to “preview” how the tiles they choose would look in the house! So cool! Sunshine and I tried to play with it and imagine our house with the tiles we chose. Haha.

Step 2 Simulation Programme

After the salesperson handed us our tiles, we headed for L’s place at Ubi for the rest of our materials selection. We reached his branch at Ubi at around 1pm and he swiftly brought us through the items we need to make a selection for. We chose the lamintaes/colours/designs for the following items:

Kitchen counter-top. We already knew that we wanted quartz (and we were already quoted for it in our quotation and hence, we were only shown quartz table-top selection).

Step 2 Kitchen top
See the selection of colours! =D

Glass backing for kitchen. As I prefer the “woody” feel ie. Scandinavian theme, we eliminated all the fanciful colour and went for one of the most common and popular choice.

Step 2 Glass backing
If I remembered correctly, we chose of the circled ones.

Vinyl flooring for our bedrooms. Sunshine made a swift decision on this when L showed us the “popular” choice. Lol. Though I would have preferred a darker colour, I could not visualise if my rooms would be too dark to my liking if I chose a darker colour and hence, I left the decision to Sunshine. Haha.

Step 2 Vinyl

Laminates for kitchen cabinets, cupboards in our master bedroom and shoe cabinet in the living room. This caused me the most headache. Though I knew I wanted “woody” laminates, there were too many designs to choose from! Omg! I really could not make up my mind even after asking L to recommend. I told him, besides the Scandinavian feel, I wanted something easy to maintain and hence, we eliminated all those with grooves as we did not want dirt to be stuck there and we chose from those with smooth surfaces. Even then, the selection was so huge that we took many hours trying to decide on something I like. By this time, Sunshine had given up. He did not want to participate in choosing anymore as he was too drained. Lol. =.= He said they all look the same to him when they obviously do not. Omg. Exasperated! Lol… L reassured me that we would still be able to change the laminates after looking at the 3D drawings and hence, I agreed to choose something both Sunshine and I were quite happy with. Haha.

Step 2 Laminates

Feature wall.

Step 2 Feature wall

Painting for the whole house. I wanted a “feature” wall in our dining room and had already decided to paint one of the walls in the dining room bright yellow. Hehe. During our discussion on the laminates for our carpentry in our master bedroom, we had already selected the laminates to match the general colour of our bedroom and hence, we already zoomed in on grey. We were flipping through the catalogue when L’s next customers came. Hence, we went home with Nippon Paint’s catalogue to choose the colours of our house! <3

L told us that he had already noted down our choices and he would get his drafter to work on the 3D drawings for us in about three weeks’ time. We went home after that, satisfied that it had been a fruitful day!

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