Our Reno Journey Step 12 – Carpentry and Electrical Works

Week 14 – Continuation of Carpentry and Electrical Works


Few days after we made our decision to change the yucky purple wardrobe in our master bedroom to a safer, boring brown, we visited our place again. We had a pleasant surprise when we saw our wardrobe in a different laminate. It may not look nice to everyone, but both of us FELT SO MUCH BETTER when we saw the new laminate! Omg! Thank God we requested for a change. Disclaimer: Purple is one of my favourite colour but it really looked weird in our room.

Step 12 Purple cabinet
The old purple
Step 12 Our new laminate
Our new laminate! <3

The feature wall in our living room was also up by then.

Step 12 Feature wall
Our feature wall. Can you spy a marker pen in the picture?

The carpentry at the bomb shelter area had also been done. The arm on the left hand side of the picture was Sunshine checking out the cabinets. The rectangular box was where we requested for a telephone point earlier. I’m very happy with this as I have been wanting to have such a space for us to place our keys, letters, handphones and what-nots once we reach home. It is near the door for us to put down our things the first thing we get home yet too far for burglars to fish for our stuffs.

Step 12 Bomb shelter

Electrical works

At the same time, our electricians were also busy fixing our fans, remaining track lights, led lights in the carpentry etc.

Step 12 Hard at work
Hard at work! ^.^ From left to right: Absolook carpenter (he single-handedly did all the carpentry in our house!!!), electrician, electrician’s assistant

Sunshine bought a lot of LED strips from Taobao and together with L’s recommendations, he requested for LED strips in our kitchen, toilets and I asked for them in our cabinets (my friend’s recommendations). Frankly, we seldom use the LED strips in the kitchen on a day to day basis, but it is useful at night especially when we wake up halfway in the middle of the night for a glass of water. The warm colours (though they look white in the picture below) are much easier on the eyes yet bright enough for us to manoeuvre around in the kitchen. The stretch underneath our hood is also useful in lending me extra light when I prepare ingredients for cooking (If not, I will be standing with my back against the light).

Step 12 LED in kitchen

Sunshine LOVES the LED strips in the toilet so much that he does not use the normal LED round light in the toilets at all. He prefers the warm LED strips (although this also looks like white cos the pictures were taken in the day) almost around the whole parameter of the toilet after a long day at work instead of one white light above.

Step 12 LED in toilet

For me, I think I made a correct choice in listening to my friend’s recommendations to have LED strips in our cabinet. This is especially useful every morning when we get ready for work. With our block-out curtains, our room is quite dark every morning and the LED strips in our cupboards are useful for me to pick out what to wear.

Step 12 LED in cabinet
Please ignore the dust!!! XD

I love seeing the colours of my room from my kitchen because I can see yellow, green and purple from my kitchen! However, I could also see the aircon piping then. THE offending air-con piping which my mum and her brother (my uncle) nagged me about everytime they visited during our renovation. I know it’s unsightly and I can see it right at my front door whenever I step in but what was done had already been done. Stop nagging! Our ID, L, already mentioned that he would box it up for us after everything was done (and it was a good job done cos it did become less obvious after that).

Step 12 Aircon piping

It was such a warm fuzzy feeling to see your own home coming up bit by bit! <3

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    • Hi Shantella,

      I am unable to advise you on this as I did not take up a renovation loan and am unsure of the interest rates, payment schedule etc. Suggest you compare around before deciding though. 🙂

  1. I am doing a half wall half glass kitchen like yours too. Would u know how are they able to conceal the power point in the half wall? did u add any additional power points in the half wall? I am puzzled why my id insist that we are unable to conceal the existing power point in the half wall.

    • Hi Aaron, I am not sure what you mean by conceal. The original powerpoints (with the full wall) was at a much higher level. After the contractor hacked half the wall away, the electrician had to drill the remaining wall to put in powerpoints for us. They are not concealed, as can be seen in the last picture of this post. Hope it helps 🙂


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