Hello, Sembawang 5 Room!

Sunshine and I were invited to go down to HDB to select a flat today for our 2015 May SOBF Sengkang 4 room application. However, Sunshine received a call from HDB the day before telling him that all available flats have been selected and hence, there was no need for us to make a trip down to HDB today. Thank God! This is a piece of great news for us! This is because, firstly, we do not have to make a trip down personally just to tell HDB that we are rejecting the remaining units (there were two units left when I lasted checked two days ago; one on the 2nd floor while the other is on the 3rd floor). Secondly, we would definitely not have a non-selection count. A non selection count is when a couple, who is invited to select to a flat, did not do so for whatever reasons. A first-timer couple can have two non-selection counts, after which they would be considered as second timers for subsequent flat applications for a year.

Anyway, with the conclusion of application for Sengkang 4 room, I am totally focused and looking forward to end February next year where the ballot results would be revealed for 2015 Nov SOBF. As the number of applications is lesser than the flat supply for Sembawang 5 room (the one Sunshine and I applied for), we would definitely get a flat then! Hopefully, we get our ideal flat! *beams*

Original picture taken from HDB
Original picture taken from HDB

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