Our Reno Journey Step 9 – Our Flooring and Painting Done!

Week 5 to Week 8 – Flooring, Electrical works and Painting

After about 2.5 weeks, the tiling for our living room is done!

When I first saw our living room, I was momentarily stunned. It looked so messy due to the many “marble-like” grains! Omg =.=” I regretted not listening to Sunshine and got plain white, classy ones. *cries* At this moment though, Sunshine was still able to console me and told me that the tiles were still pretty and that they probably looked so messy because 1) the titles had not been polished yet and that 2) with furniture, the grains would be covered and would not look as overwhelming. (After our renovation was done and we invited our friends over, they commented that the grains look good and classy! *hehe*)

Step 9 Living room
The reflective surface of the tiles make the whole place look so messy!

The cement screed for our rooms were also done. We did not get the free cement screed from HDB because Sunshine was lazy and felt that as we would still need to top up for the screed to meet the required height and that it was important to have a level screed done, he would rather get our ID to do it for us one time, rather than having two different people handling it . The vinyl flooring for our rooms were laid by end of week 8.

In between the works on our flooring, Sunshine also marked out some electrical changes he wanted so that our electrician could work on it before painting started (and the vinyl flooring laid).

Step 9 Instructions for electrician
Instructions for the electrician

Our house was also painted in the various vibrant colours Sunshine and I (mainly me) chose. This was one of the many episodes where Sunshine felt that I tended to overthink things a lot. Lol.

For our living room, both Sunshine and I wanted white (and there were many many shades of white!) and after deliberating for quite some time, we unknowingly chose a white with a slight tinge of cream/yellow, without knowing how it would turn out. Lol. When the painting was done, I thought our living room looked very yellow and even double checked the colour code we gave to our ID. *facepalm* However, our ID confirmed that it was the correct code and that it was expected to have a tinge of cream in the colour we chose. Hmm… this could definitely have been communicated to us beforehand. Nevertheless, after living in our place for a while, our living room looked white and we were not bothered by the yellowish tinge at all. After our renovation was done, I saw my friend’s white with a pink hue and it was very lovely! It shall be my choice of white the next time we repaint our house XD

I wanted a bright dining room and yellow seemed like a bold statement. Hence, we got yellow for our dining room!

For our master bedroom, I wanted a darker colour to promote better sleep. As Sunshine’s old bedroom in his house was already in dark blue, I did not want a blue bedroom to resemble his old bedroom. Moreover, I did not want him to have his favourite colour when I was not having mine. Humph! Though I had always wanted a pink room (my favourite colour), I thought it would be unfair to Sunshine to sleep in a pink room (He rolled his eyes at me and gave me a “whatever” expression when I jokingly suggested pink =p). Hence, I decided on… a grey master bedroom, with a darker grey on one side (“our feature wall” in our bedroom) and a lighter shade of grey for the remaining three walls. Afterall, grey is dark and seemed to be a popular colour these days.

Step 9 Colours in our house
Colours in our house!

For our remaining two rooms, we wanted a blue room and a pink room each. I wanted a baby pink shade (cute pink) instead of the overtly sweet pink, hot pink or dark pink. If we had our blue and pink rooms, the pink room would be the room nearer to our master bedroom as it would be for our future daughter (and blue for our son) and I would prefer to keep our daughter nearer to us when we sleep. Lol. However, as there was no lovely shades of pink available in the catalogue, we eventually settled on a green room and a purple room. The green room was the room nearer to the living room as I thought it could be a playroom/study room when we have our children and I wanted a bright colour to “stimulate learning”. For the second room, I felt a darker shade would be better for sleeping and I wanted to keep our children nearer to us when we sleep. After the purple was painted, we thought it looked like grey from some angles, under certain lighting. It was one of the colours where it could be purple/grey depending on how one looked at it. =.=” Thankfully, due to the contrast with the grey in our master bedroom, the room looked more like purple instead.

Step 9 Purple room
Our purple room (which looks greyish at certain angles/lighting)!

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