Our Second Flat Application Gone…

On the day we were invited to select a flat, the May 2015 BTO and SOBF were launched. With our first application for a flat gone, we tried for another application again this time round. My boyfriend actually suggested Choa Chu Kang for this application simply because the flat supply was way more than the demand for it. However, I did not agree to it because 1) I still harbour a tiny hope of staying in Sengkang, 2) Choa Chua Kang really does not attract me! There are a lot of flats cramped together in that Keat Hong area and there are no available amenities nearby the plot of land, and lastly, 3) it is so far away from Bedok! I do not want to have to travel so far just to come back to visit my parents… 🙁

女儿啊, 你不要搬太远。

Previously when I told my parents I wanted to apply for a flat in Sengkang, my father was a little upset. He would prefer that we apply for a flat in Bedok instead so that I can still come home more often and he can still dote on me. He also said in Mandarin, “Daughter ah, don’t move too far away. If you move too far away, I wouldn’t know how to go visit you in the future…” :’( ! I felt very heartbroken when I heard it because my father is the person who dotes on me the most in this world and yet, I seem to be leaving him behind for my boyfriend. The thing is, the number of flats available in Bedok is so limited yet the demand for it is so high! The price of a flat in Bedok is also much higher as compared to a flat in a non-mature estate. In the end, I can only promise him that I would try to come home as often as possible. He does not really believe me but feel that I am only pacifying him. Sigh…

Anyway, for our second application, we applied for a 4 room flat in Sengkang (again). Our ballot number this time round is 242 out of 145 available flats and we were invited to select a flat on the 17th of December. This ballot number is not any better than our first so I do not habour any hopes that we would be able to select a flat we both like. In fact, now that we have already applied for a flat the third time, I hope that we do not have any flats to choose from by then. XD

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