Invitation To Select A Flat

Around end May, Sunshine and I were notified of the date to select our flat. It is on the 1st of August! This means that there is still a two months’ wait! OMG! By then, we would have waited from November 2015 to August 2016, a total of nine months just to select a flat! I really wonder why is there a need for such a long wait…

Oh well. I just hope that we would be able to select a flat that we are both comfortable with then! =D

Housing - Invitation to select a flat


Later in the months, I would actually learn that the reason why our scheduled selection date is so many months later. It is because, HDB does not clear the applicants in an area first before moving to the next. For example, someone buying a flat in Yishun with queue number 1 would choose his flat earlier than someone buying a flat Sembawang though for SOBF, the selection is arranged alphabetically. Even the ones who queued for February 2016 and May 2016’s BTOs got to choose their choice units first before those from Nov 2015 SOBF (the lucky ones who got a small queue number as compared to the less fortunate ones who got a larger number)! Wa lao eh!

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