My Baking Room

I went for a home-based baking class at someone’s HDB flat earlier this year. The class was conducted in an air-conditioned room, which was equipped with its own sink, refrigerator, oven, stand mixers, stainless steel counters etc. I was wow-ed. It never crossed my mind to bake outside a kitchen before, much less to conduct a baking class outside of a kitchen! I love this idea and from then on, I envisioned myself having a baking room next time when I have my own house!

In my baking room, I dream that I would also have my own sink, fridge, oven and all that I need to bake so I can simply stay and bake in the room whole day! Baking in an air-conditioned room means I would be able to control the temperature of the surroundings to optimise the baking process for some delicate products like macarons and chocolates. I would be in my own world where I can fulfil my many fantasies of creating delicious cakes, muffins, pies or even conducting my own baking lessons in future etc. *looking forward!*

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