Wedding Planning Chapter 23 – Wedding Day! (Part 1)

After months of preparation, it was finally time for Sunshine and I to get married! (though at this point of writing, we have already been married for about nine months!). I will let the pictures do the talking for the most of this post (ie. picture-intensive)

My make-up artist (MUA) came at 4.45am that morning despite saying that she will reach at about 5.15am! Both my mum and I were shocked from our sleep and had to rush to get ready: I need to wash up and get ready for her to start the make-up while my mum wanted to prepare breakfast for me before I got married and hence, she had to rush as well. Initially, I thought it was because my MUA was conscientious and responsible and wanted to cater more time to help me prepare and I felt a bit bad towards her that she woke up so early. In the end, I realised it was because she wanted to rush to her second bride for the day. WTH! I did not even get to eat a proper breakfast because of her. =.=

4.55am – Make-up and hair-do

Chapter 23 Flowers
Flowers for hair-do

6.30am – Make-up and hair-do done (finally!) MUA also hurriedly took her leave before I changed into my gown.

Chapter 23 Nails
Bridal nails
Chapter 23 AD gown

7.20am – Sunshine reached my place!

Chapter 23 Our bridal car
Our bridal car and our cute bears!
Chapter 23 Oranges

7.30am – Gatecrash

We had originally wanted the guys to go through four “obstacles”: Eating the suan tian ku la, arranging my Chinese name using red and green beans, playing pictionary and answer some questions related to Sunshine and myself. However, my paternal grandma who had no idea of our schedule kept hurrying my father who in turn hurried my jie meis. Hence, the guys got lucky and they only went through the first three rounds (only one word was played for pictionary though). To think i wasted the previous night trying to come up with relevant questions. *facepalm*

For the gatecrash ang bao, Sunshine gave three big ang baos to the jie meis for the gatecrash. The first one was $888… Monopoly dollars. Haha. Everyone was tickled. The second ang bao consisted of $15… mall vouchers. The last one was a $288 ang bao for my three jie meis. I was the one who came up with these three ang baos beforehand. XD

Chapter 23 Food
Suan tian ku la breakfast for the guys, lovingly prepared by my jie meis!
Chapter 23 Gatecrash

8.00am – Photoshoot at Changi Airport

After Sunshine successfully chuang men guo guan and got the beautiful bride, me, we took some photos with my family and relatives who had came early to witness me marrying out of my house. We then left my house for Changi Airport for our photoshoot. Our bridal car driver got the sequence wrong and was driving us to Sunshine’s place and the both of us did not even realise it! Oops. It was only when my cousin, who was driving the car for jie meis, alerted us that we were going in the wrong direction that we realised that. Haha.

Chapter 23 Airport
Screen grab from my wedding video

10.00am to 11.50am – Sunshine’s place, my place

We went to Sunshine’s place after our photoshoot at the airport. Sunshine’s aunts helped to prepare tang yuan for us while we took the opportunity to rest for a while in his room. After serving tea to Sunshine’s family, I changed into the cheong sum and we left for my place again. It was quite tedious to change our of my gown and I was so glad that my sister was there to help me with it. Sunshine’s aunts also prepared some traditional pastry for my parents. Wow! I thought this “exchanging of gifts” had been concluded during our guo da li ceremony. Lol. I felt that both of Sunshine’s aunts were very sincere and helpful in guiding Sunshine’s family throughout the whole marriage prepartion and I am very grateful for their help. When I returned home, I was very surprised with the number of relatives gathered at my place. This was a sight never seen before in my house. There were so many people from both my parents’ sides! Even during Chinese New Year when my mum had her side of the relatives over, it was not as crowded as on my wedding day as my father’s relatives were gathered here too that day. I was quite touched that they really gave my parents’ “face” to turn up at my place in the morning (since 10am I think). The support I received really touched me. We took quite a lot of photos with different groups of people here. Lol. Our morning finally ended after we served tea to my elders and fed each other mee sua with egg…

Chapter 23 Traditional pastry
Chapter 23 Traditional pastry 2

11.50am to 1.30pm – End of “Morning Segment”!

After the “morning segment” had finally ended, the first thing Sunshine did was to take out his coat and stand in front of a fan blasting at high speed. Haha! Poor him. He then cabbed back with his brothers to his place while I showered. My mum and my sister then helped pack the stuffs we had to bring to the hotel before we got our bridal car driver to drive us to Sunshine’s place, pick him and the things he had to bring, to Novotel. We also pooled the ang baos and gold we received in the morning together and kept it in my drawer just in case we left it in any of Sunshine’s suits.

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