Wedding Planning Chapter 12 – Our Wedding Invitation Cards

A few months ago, about four months before our wedding in Oct 2017, our banquet coordinator informed us that we should go to their selected partner for the collection of our free invitation cards. With the email they sent, we paid a visit to T-dragon for the selection of our invitation cards. As part of our banquet package, we were entitled to 70% of our total confirmed attendances for the invitation cards.

We visited T-dragon (nearest MRT station is Yio Chu Kang) on an early Saturday morning. Upon reaching, we saw that the place was already full with three other couples. Hence, we loitered around and looked at the invitation cards on display for a while before one of the aunties sat us down and showed us the available designs of invitation cards within our package with Novotel. We shortlisted a few and narrowed down to the remaining four below:

Chapter 12 Shortlisted designs
Our shortlisted designs

Sunshine preferred the one on the top left while I preferred the bottom left. He wanted something plain while I preferred something simple yet “joyous”. Haha. After choosing our preferred design, the auntie enquired if we wanted to do our printing of the invitation cards with them. If not, we could collect the cards that day itself already. I wanted to print our invitation cards in Malaysia as it was so much cheaper but as Sunshine wanted to save time and trouble traveling to and fro Malaysia, we told the auntie that we would print with them. She then explained to us the different charges for the different types of printing. One can choose to print directly on the card itself in gold or red printing, or print on inserts and choose the “Chinese calendar” layout printing to reflect the banquet information in Chinese or the “traditional” format.

Chapter 12 Chinese calendar

As the design of the invitation card we chose had embossing on one side of the card, it would not be ideal to print directly on the card. Hence, I got my wish to print on inserts (cheaper). As our invitation cards were cream in colour, the auntie recommended off-white inserts and cream envelopes for us. However, I had other ideas. Hehe. I matched our cream invitation cards with pink inserts and pink envelopes! I think the colour is quite sweet yet not too cloying. Yay! <3

Chapter 12 Cream and pink

The auntie then asked us more about ourselves like our order of birth, whether we had siblings and their gender, our parents and grandparents etc in order for her to advise us on the format of invitation for the Chinese invite. We were then asked to choose the fonts and layout/wordings for the English invite, the timing and banquet hall for our wedding, our telephone numbers and whether we had any other things to add. My advice to all is to speak with your parents before heading down, as they might have certain preferences such as to print their names in Traditional/Simplified Chinese, (for those whose parents were separated or one of them had passed away, how they would like their names to be indicated etc).

After confirming the details, we were offered the option of adding an icon to our inserts at $10 per icon and we (I, actually, since Sunshine did not have much comments on this) chose to add a cute oriental couple in between our names on the English invite. =D *happy* I know adding the icon did not serve any purpose but I was still happy to spend that $10. Oops!

Chapter 12 Icons
Chapter 12 Icons 2

The auntie noted down all our details and explained to us on what the next steps would be etc. After paying a $50 deposit, Sunshine and I left as satisfied customers! ^.^ I was happy about our pretty wedding invites while Sunshine was glad to check another to-do item off his list. Lol.


One of the staff from T-dragon emailed us for us to confirm the details and layout of our inserts before they printed it. Within two weeks, our invites were ready for collection! So fast!

Chapter 12 T dragon

We went back to T dragon on a fine Saturday afternoon to collect our wedding invites and we saw a full house there again! Wow! As I did not want to spend $5 on a roll of gold strings for tying the inserts to the cards, we left promptly after confirming the details on our wedding invites were accurate. We received wedding cards, invites, envelops and maps of Novotel.

Chapter 12 Our wedding invites
Our wedding invites

Verdict: Service is prompt and efficient though there were many other customers around. Price is reasonable and quality of the wedding invites were also up to standard. Recommended for couples who want a fuss-free printing service and for those who do not want to travel to JB at least twice for this. 🙂

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